Leading mobile phone Company, Orange Botswana has seen the need for sound, reliable and affordable communications platforms that enable the Small Office Home Office (SOHO) and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to continue making profitable business moves in the “new normal”.

A total of 3 new offers have been launched, Prepaid Pro, Hybrid Pro and Sellecta Pro, all of these have been designed to suit the unique needs of Small Office Home Offices (SoHo) & Small Medium Enterprises (SME) customers while affording them an opportunity to enjoy generous incentives while doing business.

Orange B2B & Fixed Broadband Director, Dennis Mmolai said, “We have looked at the typical profiles of our business segment customers within SoHo and SMEs, and are appreciative of the very unique circumstances and characteristics in play here. It is based on insight and engagement with these customers that these offers have been developed, so that we can provide very real, relevant, and impactful assistance to enhance their businesses.”

For SoHo customers, Orange Botswana has introduced the Prepaid Pro offer, “SIM ya Moipereki. This offer caters primarily for businesses operating in the informal sector, such as street hawkers, mechanics, farmers, working in informal areas, from their homes, or from small rented office spaces. SIM ya Moipereki offers them generous bonus rewards which vary monthly based on their consumption. These benefits include data bundles and/or free off-net & on-net minutes and an opportunity to open an Orange Money account. SIM ya Moipereki is available at all Orange Shops for only P10.

For SME customers, established enterprises that are fully operational and primarily trading in formal sectors as, for instance, local retailers, garages, manufacturers, construction, retail business service providers and the like, Orange Botswana offers the Hybrid Pro and the Sellecta Pro. These offers are flexible contract lines that allow businesses to enjoy prepaid services when their monthly allowances finish. In addition to the monthly benefits, both the Hybrid Pro and the Sellecta Pro offers have optional extras such as data vouchers, device vouchers, or a Postpaid Konnecta device rental at a small fee.

The new offers are available throughout all Orange Botswana stores Nationwide and are a first in market, a development from Orange Botswana to show true business community. “Business, as they say, must go on. We are here to help our business customers as a true communications partner and we are invested in their growth for years to come,” Dennis Mmolai concluded.