Relegated Notwane in a contract breach fracas

As if the relagation axe that sunk on the neck of Notwane FC a fortnight ago was not enough, the Gaborone giants’ woes are set to continue as a disgruntled player could sue the club P100 000 for breach of contract.

Gogontle Marumo wrote a letter to Notwane through his representative Ninety Plus Promotions, who tailored the player’s contract when he was joining Notwane  from Uniao Flamengo Santos, announcing termination of his three year deal.

Marumo joined Notwane in June last year, he was left with two years in his contract. His agent, Simisani Chilisa, stated that the player is terminating his contract because of a breach of agreement by the team and is demanding all the money he is owed.

According to the letter written to Notwane, Marumo has not been paid since August 2014. Despite the  demand, the club has consistently failed and/or neglected to pay the player’s salary for the above-mentioned months according to the letter. Chilisa also said the club has failed to pay Marumo’s win  bonuses. The player’s agent said they have been communicating with the club through emails, informing them of their grievances but nothing has been done.
“By virtue of the club’s breach of the agreement, the player is entitled to cancel the contract upon giving 30 days notice to Notwane FC. By this letter he is cancelling the said contract and giving the requisite notice,” said Chilisa.

The player is demanding P21 000 which sum is made up of outstanding salary payments and bonuses. If Marumo decides to sue Notwane for the breach of the whole contract, adding the remaining two years of his deal, he is entitled to walk away with a whopping P102,000.

“The contents of this letter is without prejudice to my right to sue in addition, for the remainder of the contract period. The said sum is to be paid within seven (7) days hereof, failing which I will approach the courts of law for appropriate reliefs,” said the letter.

The player’s agent said for now they only need P21,000 that is currently owed by Notwane and they do not wish the matter to go far. He said, “Nobody wants this to drag on bringing on the issue of suing for the whole contract.”

When interviewed on Monday by Gazette Sport, Notwane’s chairman Arnold Somolekae said he did not receive any letter from Marumo. He said as far as he knows Marumo is still their player. Somolekae said maybe the mother body, Notwane Club, received the letter. The chairman also distanced himself from discussing whether the player is owed by the club and referred our questions to the mother body.

However, this publication has seen the confirmation of reception of the player’s letter by someone at Notwane. This reporter has seen a signature acknowledging the reception of a letter on 20 June 2015 which is last week Saturday.

According to Chilisa, the club received the letter in the absence of Somolekae and called to tell him about the letter. The signatory of the letter also promised to forward the letter to Somolekae.

Chilisa said local teams have a serious problem when it comes to administrative issues. He said there are numerous contractual disputes in the local league because some clubs are reluctant to pay players and end up making excuses.