Title: Fifty Shades of Grey Author: Erika L James Reviewed by: Gosego Motsumi

One of the thrilling facts about Fifty Shades of Grey is that it is the number one best seller as it has sold over 40 million copies thus becoming the fastest selling novel worldwide. In the tale of Fifty Shades of Grey one does not think it would be possible to be obsessed, laugh and become disappointed at the same time. The novel is for mature individuals, classifi ed as an erotic romance that is told from the perspective of a 22-year-old college student attending Washington State University in Van couver, Anastacia ‘Ana’ Steele, who, while doing a favour for her newspaper writer friend Kate
Kavanagh, meets the 27-year-old incredibly successful and wealthy young business tycoon Christian Grey and instantly develops a reciprocal attraction.


Ana finds Christian intimidating and she stumbles through the interview and leaves the offi ce believing that it went badly. Surprisingly Christian appeared at an independent hardware store where Ana works and he leaves his phone number for the interview photographs, as suggested by Anna. After an incoherent courtship they eventually become involved in a more physical relationship. Their physical interactions are limited to regular sexual play and Ana, who has no sexual experience, finds Christian irresistible and through him reaches a sexual awakening.


However, things get out of control when they turn to BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance and masochism). While Christian Grey’s wealth and treats may be every woman’s fantasy his characterization makes him unlikeable because he is shown as emotionally distant, rude, manipulative and borderline psychotic for his stalkin tendencies. On the other hand Ana is shown as an insecure woman who found someone like Christian who appeals to her on a superficial level.However, the novel is too explicit because the writer focuses too much on sexual content instead of expanding the overwhelming story line.


Instead more content should have been written on why Christian Grey treated women the way he did. Fifty Shades of Grey is the fi rst episode in the 50 Shades trilogy and one of the many reasons the
novel is so popular is that it is deeply moving, entertaining and erotic.