BIC’s “Let’s talk Short-Term Insurance” Turns 4

  • Platform is a multiple award-winner of 4 awards 
  • It is a digital solution for policyholders in the COVID era
  • It demystifies policies and equips clients for better decision-making

The multiple award-winning insurer, Botswana Insurance Company (BIC), is a premium, reputable short-term insurer dedicated to providing exceptional service and quality products to consumers.

It was voted as the best insurer in Botswana by international institutions. They have been in operation for over 45 years and are currently the Best General Insurer in Botswana, according to the Global Banking and Finance Award of 2020 and the Global Business Review Magazine 2021. These prestigious milestones demonstrate the extent to which BIC will go to deliver the very best services to clients and stakeholders.

As part of their efforts to fulfill their promise of expediency and convenience to clients, in 2013 BIC launched an interactive social media programme titled “Let’s Talk Short-Term Insurance” (LTSTI). It was created to promote more interactivity between the business and its policyholders as well as to give more information on the products and services of BIC – personal, commercial and personalised.

“The platform goes beyond just promoting products and breaks down the intricacies of their policy agreements, clarifies on the technicalities of their offerings and gets into the details of their terms and conditions to certify that clients are well-versed in what services they need and what that means. They take commonly used insurance phrases and terminology and make them simpler for clients to answer. BIC’s notion is that a well-informed policyholder makes better decisions,” stated Executive General Manager of BIC, Nokuthaba Mtunzie.

Furthermore, this platform is a step in the digitisation direction that the company has gone full-force into, beginning this year having just launched their virtual office, “Nkamo” and the “A re Bue” campaign. This LTSTI platform goes the extra mile to reduce traffic into the BIC offices, thus safeguarding policyholders and BIC staff alike. Frequently asked questions and recurrent inquisitions can now be made and addressed through this platform.

The LTSTI platform is held every Thursday on Facebook and the BIC website led by an expert advisor from BIC. The company selects questions from policyholders and addresses them accordingly. More information on the topics is availed on the company’s website. This is to ensure that clients who do not have access to Internet services can be equally informed.

Policyholders and prospective clients have welcomed the platform, with the last session having reached over 1 000 people and had 48 engaging on the platform. Many commented, outlining the topics they required more clarity and information on. A form is available to be filled out by policyholders which would give them access to weekly updates from BIC on all things insurance to the betterment of their knowledge reserves.

Topics like exceptions and exclusions, which are indicative of what policies the business covers and what it does not, declarations policy and declarations which are statements which can be given to the insurer to enable them to amend policy premiums are a few of the vital topics that are discussed and demystified for the policyholders.

“BIC has made great contributions to the development of the community, employment creation, economic diversification, technological innovation and knowledge dissemination. The company has remained rooted to its course to improve Batswana and the country’s economy and has as a result revolutionised the insurance industry in an unimaginable manner,” Nokuthaba said.