Diamonds Continue To Anchor Botswana’s Export Bill

  • Botswana exported diamonds worth P6.4 billion in June
  • But country record trade deficit of P611 during the month


As in previous months, diamonds were the backbone of Botswana’s exports in June, earning P6.4 billion for the country.

According to a recent report by Statistics Botswana titled the International Merchandise Trade Statistics Digest of June 2021, diamonds accounted for 91.5 percent of the country’s export bill in June 2021.

The country’s export bill increased by 43.4 percent over the revised May 2021 value of P4.8 billion in May to 7 billion in June. Machinery & Electrical Equipment came second at 2.2 percent of the export bill.

“Asia was the main destination for Botswana exports, having received 61.2 percent (P4, 295.3 million) of total exports during June 2021,” Statistics Botswana noted in the report. “These exports mostly went to the UAE and India, having received 27.6 percent and 17.0 percent of total exports during the month under review, respectively. Diamonds accounted for 99.9 percent of exports to UAE and 100 percent of exports to India.”

On the other hand, Botswana’s imports stood at P7.6 billion during the month under review, reflecting a decline of 1.9 percent from the revised May 2021 value of P7.7 billion. Statistics Botswana says the increase in diamond imports of 36.9 percent (P2.8 billion) had a significant contribution to the country’s import bill.

Food, Beverages & Tobacco and Fuel followed with 11.3 percent (P859.5 million) and 11.2 percent (P858.7 million) respectively. Machinery & Electrical Equipment contributed 11.1 percent (P850.6 million).

South Africa contributed 59.0 percent (P4.5 billion) to total imports during June 2021. “Food, Beverages & Tobacco contributed 17.6 percent (P794.2 million) of imports from that country,” the Statistics Botswana report noted. “Fuel and Diamonds accounted for 16.8 percent (P758.2 million) and 13.6 percent (P612.9 million) respectively.

Namibia contributed 4.4 percent (P332.7 million) to the overall imports during the period under review. Diamonds and Fuel were the main commodities imported at 67.6 percent (P224.9 million) and 22.8 percent (P76.0 million) of imports from the country, in that order.”