BK Proctor, Nike Lead in Brand Acclaim Rankings 

  • Debswana, FNB and the Red Cross emerge as the Preeminent Botswana, Non-Botswana, and NGO brands, respectively in Brand Africa-BITC show


BK Proctor has emerged as the Topmost Admired Brand in Botswana while global powerhouse Nike is in the lead as the Most Esteemed Non-Botswana Brand.

These revelations came to light at a media breakfast event hosted by Brand Africa in partnership with the Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) where brand rankings took centre stage in Gaborone recently.

The occasion marked the introduction of a novel category that is designed to honour brands that prioritise having a positive impact on people, society and the environment, reflecting a pivotal shift from profit-centred endeavours to purpose-driven initiatives.

All Kasi and DStv 

The innovation shone the spotlight on Debswana, FNB and the Red Cross, recognising them as the preeminent Botswana, Non-Botswana, and NGO brands, respectively, in this domain.

Delving deeper into the rankings, the domain of most admired African brands bore witness to All Kasi and DStv, seizing the lead for the Foremost Botswana and Non-Botswana Brands.

In the media realm, Duma FM and DStv were distinguished as the Most Revered Botswana and Non-Botswana Media Brands, while the sphere of financial services showcased Botswana Life Insurance Ltd and FNB as the Leading Botswana and Non-Botswana brands, respectively.

African pride

Adding to the tapestry of recognition further, the sector of media brands reflecting African pride celebrated Debswana and ABSA, hailing them as the Premier Botswana and Non-Botswana Brands in this realm.

Sharing his reflections on these rankings soon thereafter, the CEO of BITC, Keletsositse Olebile, stated:

“We are excited to partner with Brand Africa on this initiative because it gives us an independent and objective barometer of the work we are doing to catalyse entrepreneurship and enable the growth of Made in Botswana brands and are proud to see the many Botswana brands making excellent strides.”

The methodology behind the Brand Africa 100 | Africa’s Best Brands research is robust and comprehensive, spanning the months of February through April.

32 countries 

Encompassing 32 countries across diverse economic regions within the continent, the research enlisted the collaboration of esteemed partners.

Notably, Geopoll conducted the survey across sub-Saharan Africa while Analysis, a Kantar affiliate in Mauritius, took charge of the sub-Saharan islands. In North Africa, Integrate, an affiliate of Kantar based in Morocco, executed the research.

The esteemed partnership of Kantar and Brand Leadership was instrumental in producing the final rankings. To safeguard the integrity of the results, the Brand Africa Scientific Committee was convened to meticulously review, analyse, and validate the outcomes.

Objectivity and independence 

Importantly, the research’s objectivity and independence were upheld through its unfunded nature, avoiding financial influence from any brand.

Expressing his perspective on the trends unveiled by the research, Founder and Chairman of Brand Africa, Thebe Ikalafeng, commented:

“While it is concerning that despite the momentum in operationalising the AfCFTA, rising internal pride in the continent albeit against global economic challenges, that overall African consumers have put their trust in mostly non-African brands, rather than give African brands a chance.”

Youth-led Botswana brands

He did, however, find optimism in the flourishing growth of youth-led Botswana brands, particularly within the apparel sector, which have rapidly gained prominence in less than a decade. He expressed confidence that they “will no doubt be the great African brands of the future”.

In a tradition extending for a decade, the comprehensive results encompassing the entire African continent – excluding country-specific outcomes – were revealed in the July issue of African Business magazine. This inclusive coverage spanned the Top 100 brands, category rankings, and insightful analyses.

Notably, acknowledging the indelible impact of visionary leadership on brand excellence, Brand Africa celebrated the exceptional contributions of Batswana individuals who have catalysed industry development, enhancing Botswana’s reputation and competitiveness.


Among the honorees were Founder of Choppies Ramachandran Ottapathu, Founding Board Member of BITC Esther Kanima, and Founder of Hotwire Group Kabelo Binns.

These luminaries were bestowed with the Africa Brand Leadership Excellence awards, attesting to their influence across business, public service, and industry domains.