Cresta MD Markets Botswana

  • Creates face-to-face relationships with the regional customers
  • MD promotes conversion of visitors into customers
  • Tourism a critical arm to showcase BW’s natural endowments
  • Botswana recently ranked among the world’s best destinations


The Managing Director of ubiquitous hotel group, Cresta Marakanelo, Mokwena Morulane, has taken the responsibility of taking a regional tour marketing Botswana and Cresta hotels in a bid to drive economic stimuli and activity in the tourism sector while carrying the hotel chain brand high.

So far, the MD of the most ubiquitous hospitality group has gone to Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa where he has interacted with various entities and individuals marketing Botswana and the Cresta brand. Morulane is riding the crest of the wave after Botswana’s recent ranking among the best tourist destinations around the world, which is one of the important factors that travellers look at when planning a vacation.

“Tourism is a vehicle which stimulates all other economic sectors. When we host other nationalities, we showcase our natural endowments, the amazing scenery of our landscapes and the beauty of our people. The tour creates face-to-face relationship with the potential customers and promotes the conversion of visitors into customers. By doing so we are also taking the country and Cresta’s brand message to the world.

“Most of the travellers that visit Botswana from abroad book with the various Cresta Hotels mostly because of the true warmth of African hospitality, which is why I am going around interacting with them and telling them about this beautiful true warmth of African hospitality found at Cresta Hotels.”

Cresta Hotels prides itself with 11 hotels and resort areas in the country, including the signature Cresta Mowana Safari Resort & Spa in Kasane, which is perfectly positioned on the banks of the mighty Chobe River. The resort area, which receives clients from all over the world, has a spectacular river view with guest rooms tastefully decorated in ethnic style to complement the natural ambience. The spa is a haven of relaxation. Game drives, fishing expeditions and sunset cruises complete the experience.

Says Graig, an international travel blogger: “Since the year started, I have been travelling around Botswana. Morulane sold me an idea of always booking with Cresta when I am travelling around Botswana. I was undecided first, but I tried it and it worked. I love Botswana and I am still touring the country. What I can confidently share now is the Cresta experience. Having checked into four of them, I have noticed that it encompasses a range of different products without being diluted or compromised. Whether you are looking for a cosmopolitan or truly authentic African experience, you will find it.”

In addition to hotels that have the best hospitality, Botswana is endowed with world-class tourism sites such as the Okavango Delta, Tsodilo Hills, Chobe National Park and the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR).

Morulane said he is planning on growing his road show regionally and finally taking it across the world.