‘Fong Kong’ Vehicles Remain The Most Imported

  • Toyota, Mazda the most first registrations in Q4 ’22
  • Most cars were registered at Christmas time
  • Most new cars imported from SA at 80.7%
  • 216,059 net tonnes goods transported by rail in Q4 ’22


In the second quarter (Q4) of 2022, a total of 8 208 motor vehicles were recorded on first registration in Botswana, most of which were used vehicles of Japanese origin.

According to Statistics Botswana’s recently published Transport and Infrastructure Statistics of 2022 Quarter 4, passenger ‘fong kongs,’ as they are called in local parlance, made up 69.2 percent of the total of new registrations, followed by vans at 11.6 percent.

Used vehicles

“Considering the total motor vehicles on first registration, 74.2 percent were used vehicles, 25.7 percent brand new and 0.1 percent rebuilt motor vehicles,” says the report prepared by the government statistics agency.

“Most of the motor vehicles on first registration were from Japan, accounting for 63.3 percent of the total. Motor vehicles from South Africa constituted 25.7 percent of the total and 80.7 percent of them were brand new.”

During the quarter under review, motor vehicles of Toyota constituted the highest number among vehicles on first registration at 27.3 percent of the total. Mazda brand was the second at 14.5 percent,” says the report.

“Thirty-seven point two (37.2) percent of motor vehicles on first registration were registered in December while 27.3 and 35.5 percent were registered in October and November respectively.

Most cars registered in Gaborone

“Gaborone recorded the highest number of first registration motor vehicles, at 61.5 percent of the total. Francistown and Lobatse followed with 9.0 and 6.4 percent of the total respectively.”

The report shows that motor vehicle licences renewed in Q4 2022 totalled 157 439, an increase of 9.9 percent from the previous quarter. “Passenger car licences were the most renewed, at 66.3 percent of the total,” it says. “Vans followed with 17.9 percent.

“The body type with the lowest licence renewals was motor cycles with 0.3 percent. The majority of the motor vehicle licence renewals were done in November at 40.7 percent of the total. October and December registered 22.8 and 36.5 percent respectively.

Massey Ferguson

“Toyota make motor vehicles constituted 45.0 percent of the total licence renewals, of which 64.4 percent were for passenger cars. Tractors of the Massey Ferguson make constituted 59.5 percent of the total licence renewals for tractors.”

Meanwhile, the report shows that a total of 216,059 net tonnes of goods was transported by rail this quarter, a 27.3 percent decline from the previous quarter.

“The majority of these goods, constituting 34.7 percent, were transported in November,” says the report. “Those transported in October followed at 33.3 percent while in December they made up 32.0 percent of the total.

“Revenue generated from volume of goods transported through rail amounted to P46.8 million, a decline of 27.4 percent when compared to P64.5 million generated in the previous quarter.”