Legal Guard Expands into Full-Fledged Short-Term Insurance Company

  • MD says expanding into short-term insurance is a natural progression


Legal Guard has unveiled its transformation into a comprehensive short-term insurance provider under the new brand name, “Insure Guard.”

The transition signifies a significant evolution in their service offerings as they venture beyond legal expense insurance to provide a wide range of asset protection solutions, catering to both personal and commercial needs.

Commenting on this momentous development, Kgomotso Ratlhaga, Managing Director of Legal Guard, emphasised that their expansion into short-term insurance is a natural progression, given their stronghold in the legal expense insurance domain.

Strategic vision

“As an underwriter with a full short-term insurance licence, providing a full spectrum of asset protection, extending beyond legal expense insurance, aligns with our strategic vision,” she said.

As a challenger brand in the industry, we see immense opportunities to serve the market, especially when only 2.8 percent of individuals and businesses are insured in Botswana.”

For nearly two decades, Legal Guard – which is a prominent player in the legal expense insurance sector – has been at the forefront of safeguarding families, enterprises, and communities in legal matters through its legal expense offerings.

Over 60,000 customers 

“Our commitment to accessibility and affordability has empowered over 60,000 customers to understand and exercise their legal rights across various aspects of the law, ranging from civil to commercial matters,” Ratlhaga noted.

“Our dominance in the market has been evidenced by an impressive market share, with a clientele benefitting from access to a panel of 42 legal experts and lawyers spread across the country.”

Under this transformation, Legal Guard will now operate as a sub-brand or product of Insure Guard, continuing to provide a specialised legal expense solution.

A simple touch 

Customers can anticipate exciting new features, including the innovative “Legal Panic Button” which allows access to the nation’s broadest network of lawyers with a simple touch on their mobile devices.

Insure Guard’s entry into the market promises a wave of pioneering products, including “Pay-As-You-Drive,” which is poised for launch once regulatory approvals are secured.

“We welcome the emergence of Insure Guard, born from the foundation of Legal Guard to revolutionise the short-term insurance landscape,” Ratlhaga said.

“Leveraging big data, innovation, and AI, we aim to redefine our offerings to the market while maintaining a deep understanding of our home and its people. With Insure Guard, we pledge to protect you on your journey. Be Assured!”