Stanbic Bank Structured Solutions and Products Engineered to Deliver Client Growth

Stanbic Bank Botswana last week welcomed key stakeholders, clients and members of the media, for an insightful morning dubbed ‘Connected Conversations – Structured Solutions’, a platform at which the Bank  presented a strong portfolio of Global Markets (GM) Forex (FX) Structured Solutions and Products, part of the Head of Corporate & Investment Banking (CIB) offering. The platform was designed to give a deeper understanding of the Bank’s GM and FX products and solutions, and with keen insight into market developments, landscape and risk management provisions.


This collective of solutions was engineered to appeal to a wide spectrum of clientele, including Personal & Private Banking (PPB) Business & Commercial Banking (BCB), and Corporate & Investment Banking (CIB), supporting clients and customers in their growth journeys in a myriad of ways. This includes but is not limited to Foreign Exchange (FX) Hedging Solutions, Interest Rate Hedging Solutions, and Yield Enhancement Solutions.


“This can often feel like a complex space, and having the right partner to navigate it is crucial; we understand that. Ultimately, as we look to design and shape our growth as individuals and as businesses, we must recognise the different scenarios and influences we each face, and this applies to our clients too. This requires confidence in structured solutions and products that are flexible, relevant, cost-effective, and risk-tolerant. This is what our focus has been as Stanbic Bank, because that is what influences growth. Our Structured Solutions now comes as a value-add to clients as we work to shape their growth journeys, leveraging our expertise, experience and networks to do so,” says Stanbic Bank Botswana Head of Global Markets, Lebea Sephuma.


The suite of solutions presented by the Bank have all been developed not only with the nuanced experience and understanding of local and global markets, but with a firm appreciation of the evolving social-economic landscape clients operate within. This is the power behind solutions designed to create meaningful value and sustainable impact.


“Our product and structuring expertise, the breadth and depth of our domestic and international market access, as well as our unrivalled capabilities truly set us apart as a Partner for Growth for our clients. Through these Structured Solutions and Products, we are steadfast about elevating clients’ banking experience, and improving their returns. This is our focus, and our resolve to do so is unwavering,” said Morufhi Masikara, Stanbic Bank Botswana Head of CIB