Magosi Suspends Top Spies

  • The two may be charged with treason, among others
  • Entire department allegedly also suspended
  • The two reportedly released from custody Sunday afternoon




The Directorate of Intelligence and Security Service (DISS) has reportedly suspended two of its highest ranking officers, namely Head of Legal Pulane Kgaodi and Head of Investigations Paul Setlhabi (code name Slim), in connection with a wide range of unspecified issues pending further investigations.


The two officers were arrested last week following extensive investigations into their dealings. They were released on Saturday afternoon.


“Internal matter”


Inside sources say they were notified of their suspensions on Monday.


The Botswana Gazette is informed that several officers working in the Investigations Department have also been suspended.


“As you might be aware that this is an internal matter, we are constrained to discuss it with third parties,” said DISS spokesman, Edward Robert, in an interview yesterday (Tuesday).


“But what I can reveal is that we currently have some of our officers who are helping us with some investigations.


Money laundering


“We are an organisation that operates and is guided by the confines of the law. We believe and respect the rule of law.”


Although the investigations are said to be closely guarded, allegations suggest that the affected officers may be charged with treason, abuse of office and money laundering.


The two top officers were known to be among the “most powerful” at the secret agency. It is being alleged that Kgaodi and Setlhabi have seriously fallen out with chief spy Peter Magosi.