Euri set to release an album

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Celebrated rapper, Euri, formerly known as Eureka the Coverboy is set to release his third official studio album. The rapper who’s past albums Raditaola Raditaola and Stage Works both won BOMU awards for best hip-hop album, revealed in an interview with Time Out that the album will be released as a series of Extended Play’s (EPs) which will be collectively called IGWT (IN GOD WE TRUST).


Euri said that this will not be the first time he releases an EP since his debut release in 2007 was an EP. His most recent release was a charity mixtape dubbed My Music for Charity. “The album sales proceedings which summed to P13 000 were donated to Child Line Botswana. The money was used to purchase a new geyser and a dryer,” he revealed. He shared with Time Out that the album production team consists of Tshepo Lesole of High Note Studios as the engineer and co-production personnel include Mbako Lufu and Lif Aman of Bazamele records. He also noted that in addition to his experienced team he has roped in new talent in the likes of Katso and Pablo.


The project also features veteran rapper Scar on a song called ‘Anniversary’ and Lezibo on a ballad entitled ‘Mosadi’ which he said is close to his heart since he does not do love songs often. When asked how his upcoming album will be different from his past projects, Euri told Time Out that he has grown tremendously as an artist and a person and his album will reflect this. He added that most rappers in Botswana give up on rap music when they reach his age and it has left a huge gap in the market for people in their late 20s and early 30s, a listenership he hopes this new project will appeal to.


Ontiretse Tshiamiso, Euri’s manager added that the album will be made available to the public from the first week of June. “It will be sold to the public at a series of autograph sessions in some of the major shopping malls across the country since there are no music distribution companies in Botswana which effectively reach the hip-hop market; so we need to find innovative ways of reaching our clientele,” he said.