Beating the Flu before Winter Season

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Ladies and gentlemen, the winter eason is upon us. It is around this chilly season that a lot of leave days are consumed with employees missing crucial hours of work for a visit to the doctor, all because a seasonal virus called the Flu.


For companies, the flu can be costly with decreased productivity in the workplace being the greatest loss when the sick employee takes time off to go nurse themselves. Pharmacist Ajay Patel at Modern Pharmacy at Village in Gaborone advises that the best cure for flu is prevention; taking measures at this point before the winter season is in full force.


He suggests 5 tips to help keep the flu at bay this winter season, before the virus is widespread in the office.


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  • The Flu Vaccine The flu vaccine protects against the influenza virus and helps reduce the chance of infection from others. It also reduces the severity of the virus should a person be infected. The flu vaccine or flu shot can be administered by a General Practitioner at your nearest pharmacy or clinic.
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away Fruits and vegetables should make the most of your diet. Citrus fruits such as oranges and naartjies contain vitamin C and are most affordable this time of the year as they are in season. For those with a weaker immune system, Patel recommends taking supplements for a stronger Vitamin C dose.
  • Keep a distance from colleagues with flu If someone in the office is showing symptoms of the flu: coughing, sneezing, feverish, be cautious and keep a safe distance from colleagues who are exhibiting any of the symptoms.
  • Personal Hygiene is key Practicing healthy hygienic habits makes a lot of difference in the spread of the flu virus. Patel says it is important to know how the virus is transmitted. Simple practices such as washing hands, applying sanitizer after handshakes and doing the same to surfaces that are commonly touched by others, such as door handles, and the photocopying machine, can reduce chances of contamination. According to, ‘A recent study for The Healthy Workplace Project at the University of Arizona found that implementing the “wash, wipe and sanitize” protocol in the workplace reduces the probability of catching the flu or common cold by 80%.’
  • Workplace employee flu vaccine The most effective method suggested for employers, is to consider providing flu shots for their employees, so as to eliminate the chance of the virus affecting