GaTsh Fros hailed Botswana’s trendsetters

Local fashion icons Gaone Mothibi and Tsholo Dikobe (GaTsh Fros) have been labeled Botswana’s trend setters and described as bold, eccentric and not afraid to break the fashion rules by African publication Stream Africa. The publication further said the duo has a non-conformist approach to fashion and that their penchant for vintage-inspired fashion separates in prints and bright colors adds a refreshing spin to the African aesthetic.

“Stream Africa gave us the title Botswana’s trendsetters probably because we  introduced the mix and miss trend. This is a non-conformist trend that goes beyond fashion boundaries of what is in, what is out, how to wear a certain garment or what to do with fashion. We dress how we want even if it does not fit the fashion rules. Another point is that they pointed us as pionners of the retro look (vintage) that is now in fashion. I guess that is why they gave us that title,” GaTsh Fros told Time Out.

The duo is well known for mixing and matching outfits as well as clashing prints into their ensembles for a look that is simultaneously fun and chic. They said they mostly buy their clothes from flea markets, online and retail stores. “I am into the minimalistic, tailored trend look because it just describes the woman I want to be and see myself in the next two or so years. It simply screams ‘first lady’ chic,” Tsholo said.

Asked about fashion trends to look out for and still in season they said, “Floral is still in, geometrics on clothes, minimalistic, pastel colours, African tapestry and a lot of prints. Lastly the Gatsh trend do-it-yourself trend, this is where we encourage and endorse innovation and creativity with fashion.”

Gatsh Fros have been gaining recognition from both local and international fashion events and publications and last year they graced the Berlin Fashion Week where they interacted with some of the world’s best designers, fashion houses and models.

“GaTsh Fros recognition means more opportunities for Botswana for foreign fashion power houses and selling our beautiful Botswana through fashion and through these platforms. It simply means showcasing Botswana’s talent and putting it on the map,” they said.

Their hope is for Africa to become more focused on the business aspect of fashion not just on the entertainment factor. “We would like to see improved distribution in terms of taking African fashion everywhere as a sign of style and craftsmanship,” said Tsholo. “For Botswana, we would like to see a manufacturing system connected to the global market in a way that pushes up skill levels and production know-how.”