Is premier league treating Rolling Boys with kids’ gloves?

Two months ago, the football fraternity expressed shock over the docking points of BDF XI and a fine of P10 000 after they had taken the Botswana Premier League to court. In 2012, the then Premier league rookies, Security Systems, currently in the Debswana First division South as Rolling Boys, took the premier league to court after they were de-registered for not regularising its affiliation status with the Botswana Football Association (BFA).
Two years later, the issue seems to be far from over as there are many who are wondering why they have not charged like BDF.

According to FIFA rules, it is an offence for clubs to take football matters to the courts of law. The club re-grouped after that and bought the franchise of Rolling Boys FC, and played the 2012/13 season in the Gaborone Region Football Association (GRFA) division one. They won the division, qualified for the promotional play-offs and were promoted to the First Division South League for the 2013/14 campaign.

The Gazette Sport spoke to Chief Prosecutor Tshiamo Rantao to explain whether the same action will be taken against Security Systems.

“At the moment we cannot charge or take any action against Security Systems because they were de-registered at that time. They were not BFA affiliates at the time,” said Rantao.

Rantao said that any party that felt aggrieved   by the decision can take the issue up with disciplinary committee. “If a report is brought to me as the Chief Prosecutor I will look into it and make an independent decision without any fear or favour,” said Rantao.

Premier League Chief Executive Officer, Bennett Mamelodi concurred with Rantao’s explanation “When Security Systems took the matter to court they were not members of BFA unlike BDF X1 who were still active, so we cannot take that decision at the moment because this issue is totally different. he declined to comment but said when asked whether Security Systems will be charged should it change its name back, “That issue is still premature and we cannot make any comments.”