La Timmy: Up next for a One-Man Show

  • Says his catalogue is big enough to sustain such a show
  • Popular DJ’s “One-Act Play Concert” is slated for Maun


Inspired by the latest trend of one-man
music shows in entertainment, DJ La
Timmy has hopped on the bandwagon
to stage his own. Styled “One-Act Play Con-
cert,” the popular deejay’s show is slated for
October in the tourism capital of Maun.
La Timmy, who has previously received
rave reviews from South African artist
Makhadzi, aims to fill a venue by himself and
to perform his discography for the entire time.
“I have received much encouragement from
colleagues in the music industry who have
done it before,” he told Time Out in an inter-
view. “Details of logistics will be communi-
cated soon. My primary objective is to give
Batswana the best of La Timmy.”
“We have La Timmy the artist, the DJ and
the drummer. I am unable to give all of that at
festivals most of the time because of no time
constraints. In my one-man show I will have
enough time to serve my supporters without
any limitation, which is something I have
longed for.”
One-man shows have become popular since
rhumba veteran Franco started the trend in
2020 that was postponed to this year because
of the COVID-19 pandemic. The baton was
passed on to rapper Atlasaone ‘ATI’ Molemo-
gi for a one-man show in Francistown.
Born Timothy Sabuta, La Timmy is a song-
writer and producer and has been a dance DJ
since 2003. He released an Extended Play
(EP) titled Beatmechanix Vol.1, which is an
upbeat and dance floor filler. The ‘Nanzala
Vuke’ hitmaker recently performed at festi-
vals in neighbouring Zambia and Namibia.
Said La Timmy: “Musically I am prepared to
sustain the concert from start to finish because
in addition to being a DJ, I have a big enough
catalogue that dates from 2003 to-date. I have
been receiving a lot of messages of support
from my fans, friends and colleagues, which
gives me the courage to realise my dream.”