Preparing for camping at the Desert Race

The Toyota Kalahari Botswana 1000 Desert Race is one of the events that people look forward to in the entertainment calendar every year. Part of the excitement around the desert race is the camping experience and with the race now located some 125km from its usual venue, camping will be more a necessity than luxury for most. Time out compiled tips on camping.

-The winter season is in full force and temperatures around the Jwaneng area will be low. Get lots of warm clothing
-Camping sites will likely be in greater demand this year more than ever. Leave early and get yourself the best camping spot.
-Traffic! With a lot of people all heading to one area driving will be a huge challenge.
-Network congestion.

-Hiking boots as well as warm gear such as beanies, scarves, gloves, ear muffs and flasks are things not to forget in order to enjoy camping.
-If you are spending the night at the camping site, pack lots of water that you can use to wash your face in the morning or for that warm cup of coffee in the morning or evening.
-Pack lots of firewood to avoid spending lots of money on firewood which is usually sold along the road for unreasonable amounts by those from surrounding villages.
-Be sure to bring your own meat, and a mini braai stand. This will help you avoid buying food stuff usually sold along the road.
-Pack lots of snacks such as dried fruits, peanuts and raisins, crisps, marshmallows for that ultimate camping ritual.
-If you are camping with children, ensure that they are packed for adequately and be ready to monitor their every move.

-Avoid going into the bushes at night fall as this is usually the time when thieves and rapists are lurking in the dark.
– Do not move alone, move around in groups.
-Avoid going back to the city as much as possible as the road ways are usually filled with drivers some of whom will be highly intoxicated.
-Avoid going camping with your expensive gadgets as these are what attracts thieves and can be easily lost.
-And above all, avoid drinking and driving on your way to the camping spot and back.