Radio Personality Phenyo Moroka becomes the face of Shell

Radio personality Phenyo Moroka has recently been selected to be the face of multinational oil and gas brand Shell, making him the first Motswana brand ambassador for the oil and gas company.
“I feel very honored to represent a brand as big as Shell. I was approached by the guys from Shell and they told me all about the shell brand and the products under it and after careful consideration I decided to take on this position of ambassadorship. The brand speaks to me, it is the official sponsor of Formula 1 sport and I happen to be a big fan of the sport, ” he said in an interview.
He further added, “The shell brand has been in operation for over 100 years and it has a wide retail network. It is a top fuel brand in Botswana and I find it easy to identify with. After all everyone wants to be a part of a team of winners,” expresses Moroka. His contract entails being the link between the brand and the customers/ clients at the different sites or on a social platform. “My main roles will basically include increasing awareness about the brand, educating the public on the different products we have and the contract is a renewable one that will run for twelve months.”
This is the radio jock’s first brand endorsement deal and he reveals that, there are two more brands that he is looking into. He says although he can not state who they are, they are also big established brands and hopes by March 2015 he will be able to reveal who they are. Despite the endorsement, he will still be hosting the breakfast show on Yarona Fm.