The Drakensberg Boys Choir to Conduct a Talent Search in Botswana

The Drakensberg Boys Choir School is coming to Botswana to recruit young boys to join the internationally acclaimed choir as members of the school. The promoter of the 3-day stay Chris Hughes, says that, “the school is coming to look for boys who are not necessarily trained but have potential in their vocal ability to sing.” According to the press release, they aim to not only increase the regional diversity within the school, but to contribute toward the development of talent in Botswana and the region. There are currently 3 Batswana boys attending the school and with this visit the school hopes to increase this number for future years.


The school, based in the Natal province of South KwaZulu Africa, integrates a specialized music environment and high quality academic curriculum that contributes to the Southern African and international music scenes, “by nurturing the talents of now prominent conductors, singers and musicians.” The school holds auditions annually country-wide in South Africa to recruit boys into their 100 students yearly enrolment, from grade 4 to 9. The auditions will be held at Maru-a-Pula Secondary School (Maitisong) on Monday, 10th June, from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. The Choir will also visit primary schools to select choirs to take part at the musical event to be held thereafter. The Choir will perform two concerts during their visit.


The first performance will be their “signature” performance on Saturday 8th June, a Black Tie event at the BDF Auditorium with guest performers Shanti Lo and the PPC Youth Choir. The boys will be vocally backing Shanti-Lo followed by a solo performance as a choir. Shanti Lo had this to say about the opportunity to share a stage with the boys choir. “It is truly a singer’s dream to sing alongside the boys. They sing like angels!” It is particularly great that the school comes to Botswana to recruit students, because it should be noted that this school has produced exceptional musical geniuses, the likes of the Bala Brothers’ Loyiso and Zwai Bala. So this a beautiful thing. I’m very honoured.”



The second performance will be a choir festival at Maitisong on Monday 10th June, together with PPC Youth Choir and the local school choirs. “This is going to be quite an event, especially because the choir singing with Shanti Lo is something that’ll never happen again,” Hughes exclaimed.Tickets to the shows are P200 and P150 respectively, and half price for kids under thirteen. The Drakensberg Boys Choir regularly tours nationally and internationally, performing in over thirteen European countries, the United States, as well as the Vatican City before 25 000 people at the request of the Pope. In the continent, they have toured in Egypt, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia and Swaziland.