Oneal and Motamma are Botswana contestants at BBA-The Chase

The 8th season of Big Brother Africa- The Chase finally premiered to viewers around the African continent this past Sunday and it will run for 91 days and end on Sunday 25th August. After months of anticipation, Zibanani Oneal Madumo and Motamma Sesinyi are the contestants representing Botswana at this year’s Big Brother. The two are are no strangers to the public eye, Oneal is a radio personality, dj and Tv host while Motamma, a scientific researcher student was Miss Tourism Botswana 2012. In the Big Brother housemate profile Oneal revealed that he was inspired to enter Big Brother because of the “lack of me in that house” and a need to increase his follower base outside his home country. Oneal values consideration in others and thinks his best quality is his imagination. He dislikes dishonesty and declares himself an entertainer at heart and if he wins, he revealed that he will use the money to build his mom her dream house. Unlike Oneal, Motamma revealed that she hadn’t watched the previous seasons of Big Brother, but her friends and colleagues always kept her up to date. She says her favorite former house mate is Keagan because he knew nothing about Big Brother, stuck to his character and won. As it is norm, the Big Brother Africa show promises to be full of surprises. There are 28 single housemates and two houses; the Ruby and the Diamond house. To start of the show, the 14 female contestants had to pick a smile that they liked the most out of the 14 smiles that were displayed on screen on stage to determine who they will be moving into the house with. Although housemates entered the house as pairs, they will compete as individuals for the prize money of USD 300 000. “I think the contestants stand a chance because Oneal for one has a personality that captivates people. He has a large following on social networks already and his character is just likeable. I see no reason why he wouldn’t do well in the house. As for Motamma, I think she has leadership qualities and is not shy as was proven by assuming the role of the task presenter on the fi rst night of arrival at the Diamond house. She is not holding back so I am confi dent she will do well,” said Big Brother follower, Mathews Maroleng. Another BBA fan Gerald Mosepele revealed that, “I am not so sure about our girl, but with Big Brother you never know so only time will tell. I just hope they bring the money home. ”