BTC Has Laid Out The Canvas for National Digitization

  • Telco-giant national footprint a competitive strategic asset
  • Data Centre, VSAT more than 400 LTE express new level of value and confidence

With BTC celebrating 40 years of progress under the theme “Ke Ya Rona Rotlhe,” one of its greatest accomplishments is a dynamic network which covers over 580,000km2 of our vast republic. Coupled with more than 400 LTE sites, unique inventions in VSAT, a state-of-the-art Data Centre and a strategic partnership for cloud technologies with Microsoft, the telco giant is set to drive the national digitization strategy.

The anchor to socio- economic development and the route away from diamonds is not as far as we assume. With its over 2 million population, Botswana can capitalise on BTC’s existing digital infrastructure and international partnerships to drive the next chapter and new horizons of its economic diversification strategy towards a knowledge-based economy.

BTC has evolved from offering analogue microwave links to fixed telephones to become a converged telecommunications operator offering fixed (voice and data), mobile (voice and data) and broadband services to every Motswana within the country’s vast 581,730 square kilometres of land.

The investments that have gone into the operator’s network and digital transformation are not only for the benefit of its client base and shareholders but are also a strategic national asset upon which Botswana’s next value frontier should be premised.

BTC has demonstrated its agility by listing on the Botswana Stock Exchange, a watershed moment in economic inclusion that brought over 50 000 Batswana into BTC ownership. Pushing over a billion in revenues, a clean debt-free balance sheet, and having the highest yield on the local bourse, BTC is driving digital inclusion for all. Arguably this is fertile ground for Botswana’s competitive strategy and alternative route outside the seasonal diamond sparkle.

BTC Managing Director, Anthony Masunga, has been quoted recently as saying: “Our inventions in the last generation and over the last decade have driven unique solutions for our clientele, both retail and corporate. Across hostile terrains, our network remains the able anchor and enabler for all. Our offerings are tailored for every Motswana, wherever they may be. Our purpose and cause is to provide services to all regardless of geography, creed, gender and traditions.

“Our brand shines bright and green in all corners of our republic, not just major towns and cities. As we celebrate BTC’s 40 years in the market, we look to a new chapter which will carry the aspirations of our republic. As we strive to push towards a high-income economy, we hope to see BTC play a significant role in enabling 4IR and what is to come for businesses and all citizens. We provide a strategic canvass for propelling our nation forward.”

Export expert Nkosi Mwaba of Ninenteen21 notes: “The Innovation Hub, BIUST, BTC and other think tanks should be able to drive and propel the next chapter of the republic. We house enough expertise to drive new revenues for the country not just by creating new features, attributes and benefits for the local and regional consumer but the whole world.Companies that are worth more than trillions of US dollars today are on digital platforms for good reason. We have a local company which has invested millions on infrastructure development. Where are the young digital masterminds? They can capitalise on the current resources for the next Silicon Valley.”