A better education system, a better Botswana!

A better Botswana with a better people can only be possible if the current education system can be reshaped and remoulded. The system does not fully prepare learners for the market place. Instead the system prepares them for poverty and exploitation. That is why the system has to be supported with time wasting programmes like internship and national service (tirelo sechaba). Both of this programmes do not improve the learners’ experience and skills in anyway because in the work place interns do meagre jobs like cleaning, filing papers, making tea etc. This is a waste of  the learners’  time and energy because more often they leave the place having learnt nothing.

We need a robust, cutting edge education system that matches market demand. To gain work experience, both practical  and theory must be taught in schools and be accorded equal time. That is to say 50 percent for theory and 50 percent for practicals. This will make learning more interesting and fun while also giving  students survival skills and experience. The choice will be on the hands of the graduates, whether to open their own businesses or to find employment elsewhere.

Developed countries have made it a law that the kind of education that the students are given should match current and future market demand. This is the route that we must take as Botswana. Today we need more qualified personnel in the mining and  Agricultural sector, we need more engineers, doctors, more qualified teachers, nurses, historians, mathematicians, scientists and entrepreneurs. It is sad that 48 years after independence Botswana is still depending on engineers and medical experts from outside. It is time to groom our own people.

Our agricultural sector has the potential to create vast employment opportunities. We need people to revolutionaries this sector. We need people who will resurrect our dying mining sector and help create more jobs. What about history? Our history! We need people who will rewrite our history, people who will dwell on facts than propaganda as it is the norm today. We need our own doctors, who speak our languages and who will help people with passion and understand that they are adding value to their nation. Therefore, we need to improve our education sector. This is the sector that produces presidents, educationalists, economists, political leaders, entrepreneurs, ministers and all kinds of leaders that you can think of. These  are  sectors that shape the country and make it what it can potentially become.

It is a fact that the current regime has failed to deliver its promises  and continues to fail. It is time for the fresh blood to take over the reins of this country. A better Botswana with a better education system can only be possible under the UDC led government. We believe in developing people so they  develop infrastructure not verse versa. We strongly believe in teaching a man how to catch fish, so that in the absence of fisher men, he may survive on his own. Currently, the BDP led government believes in teaching people how to eat instead of how to cook. Education and more education is the only way to go. As the late RSA former President Nelson Mandela once said: “education is the cheap defence of a nation.” Batswana can better defend themselves against poverty and unemployment only if they have been given education that empowers them.

Let me conclude by urging all Batswana who wish this country well to take their votes seriously and remove the current regime from power. Let us not be blinded by the monies they will splash on our faces prior to elections. Let us focus on the bigger picture of creating a better tomorrow for ourselves and our children. There is life after the BDP. We can do it. It is possible.  Let us join hands today and make that happen. Let us vote for the UDC government.

Vote UDC, Vote for a better change. Embrace Change, Calm Change, Collective Change, People’s Change!
Kesolofetse Innocent Mosolofedi
BMDYL Special mobilisation and campaigns secretary
@74243155/74366406/ kmosolofedi@gmail.com