FCC to engage commercial banks in levy collection

FRANCISTOWN: Owing to the huge amount of uncollected service levy and rates, Francistown city council (FCC) service is planning to engage local commercial banks to facilitate the payment as they are convenient and easily accessible.

FCC has struggled to collect the targeted amount and this has been blamed for slow service delivery to the Francistown residents as it leaves the Council short on funds. The City Council is reported to have managed to collect P9 million out of the P44 million owed, something which council officials have attributed to the way payments are made.
FCC Town Clerk Lebuile Israel believes the current system where payment are made at the council is inefficient difficult to access. Israel further told North Cast Council  offices are closed for business at lunch time and other convenient times  making  difficult for the payments to be made. The working want to use their spare time to pay but it is impossible because the council officials will also be in lunch, so it’s inconvenient,” explained Lebuile.

The Town Clerk revealed to NorthCast that they have yet to finalize the plan to engage local commercial banks. “We are trying to come up with possible strategies that can be convenient to everyone that is why we are currently trying to engage banks to help us,” he said.