Regime change is overdue, only UDC is the hope for Botswana!!

The fundamental principle in our struggle is equal rights for all in our country, and that all people who have made Botswana their home, by birth or adoption, irrespective of colour or creed, are entitled to these rights. The fight for a democratic Botswana is assuming greater dimensions.

Since September 30 1966, Botswana opposition parties have been faced with extreme difficulties; they have not taken the offensive on so wide a scale. The masses have since gained momentum in mobilization for regime change, with the support of a small, but determined and growing number of principled leaders. Under the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) regime change is inevitable. The country is in a state of ferment.

The economic segregation and extra judicial killings on which the Botswana Democratic Party has based their government is now reaching unprecedented heights as a result of the numerous repressive laws of the Dictatorship Government of Ian Khama. In dealing with the development of Botswana, it is important to mention two events which will go down in history as the two major turning points since the year 1966: The first was the formation of the Botswana Movement for Democracy, when Khama allocated to himself the exclusive right to govern, and, franchise all structures of government, BMD loyalists under the leadership of Cde President Gomolemo Motswaledi stood firm against Khama’s cruel ways.

Upon ascending to the Presidency of the nation the exploitation and the robbery of Batswana was legalized. Batswana lost their dignity and since then their freedom has increasingly been restricted. The second important stage was reached when the Umbrella for Democratic Change Party was formed, inspired by the thrill for opposition cooperation after furiously whipping up the individuality hysteria among the more backward section of the electorate, especially in the rural areas.

Umbrella for Democratic Change has impressed upon the electorate that the Botswana Democratic Party is fighting for its very existence against genuine national representation over self serving politicians, which they (BDP) allege is encouraged by what they call the “thirst for power” of the United UDC parties. They claimed that they have a solution to the Native Problem – a systematic government where the President is unquestioned and not accountable to his actions or those of his administration. In an attempt to implement their policy, the BDP has passed numerous oppressive laws.

They promoted their chief propagandists and architects of deceit, Mogomotsi Kaboyamodimo and Jeff Ramsay to key positions in the government. It won’t be shocking to see one of them appointed minister soon. Kaboyamodimo’s appointment as the Head of broadcasting coupled with his utterances proves how much he is an ardent admirer of the Khama regime. His arrogance and the ruthless manner, in which he administers the broadcasting sector, as if he cared nothing for human dignity, show this up clearly.

Only a man of his type could have spoken the way he did when he stated that he does not see any difference between the government and the Botswana Democratic Party. His utterances are overwhelming and most of all reflect the barbaric mentality in him, but then now it is not a battle against uncivilized people and barbarians, but the shrewdest, cleverest enemy of progress which is the BDP. Another shrewd statement was made by Cabinet Minister Mokgweetsi Masisi when he declared in public that he is a boot licker. The BDP has shown itself incapable of offering any effective governance to Batswana.

BDP loyalists have confused themselves by waging a battle of words, unrealistic and meaningless towards the UDC while licking Khama’s shoes. What is the definition of this mysterious words, Mong wame, Rraetsho ? To the present day, the Botswana Democratic Party does not seem to know exactly what it wants, what in fact it should tell the country. The BDP is not ashamed to tell townsmen that BDP party interests means “Public interests”, and then go to rural areas and tell people that the Government is spending too much money on their welfare and poverty eradication. Batswana have no time to look at dictionaries, or to pretend not to know what “Public interest” means.

Cde Koma forewarned the country of the dangers of a wounded BDP in government. BDP members throughout the country are beginning to see and appreciate the correctness of these predictions made almost 20 years ago. Political parties belonging to the UDC have grown in strength and in status and have aroused confidence in their ability to save Botswana from the iron rule of the BDP military state. The most bitter battle which have been fought by these parties since their inception have been their ability to see through one of the BDP’s political propagandist being the Botswana Congress Party (BCP). The BCP has served its purpose of causing confusion in opposition ranks, something which as today’s youth we shall shun without remorse.

BCP activists cannot bring about distinction between oppressors and oppressed. Both the Botswana Congress Party and the Botswana Democratic Party fight in the same corner against the Umbrella for Democratic Change as if UDC is in power. The latest phase in this fight is the appointment of BCP President Dumelang Saleshando as Leader of Opposition in parliament. Dumelang Saleshando is so excited of being driven in the black car reserved for LOO as if he is President of Botswana.

As the UDC youth it is important that we now take a firm stand in the fight against the tyranny of the BDP regime it must be regarded as the writing on the wall, the warning to all those who still have illusions of the permanency of BDP rule . We should be organized to take part in the struggle, and any struggle waged against the BDP regime is bound to bring the youth into the movement. Thus we see two powerful forces crystallizing out in the country – the one represented by the UDC and its allies, and the other by the BDP. As far as the BDP is concerned, any serious analysis will reveal that it has reached its high-water mark.

There is no possibility of the BDP growing stronger than they are at present. They have played all their cards, but one – namely, the poverty eradication issue, which itself appears unlikely to arouse any greater enthusiasm for Batswana. Already there are signs that the edge of the BDP is blunted in the face of the determined and growing resistance of Batswana. On the other hand, the UDC does not only derive strength from the knowledge that the youth everywhere are achieving their independence, and that a larger part of the world is hostile to dictatorship, but even more than that, they derive strength from the fact that their forces are growing, the resentment against oppression is becoming greater every day.
In any sober manner it is most of all important for the Youth to rally behind Cde President Duma Boko at all costs. It is through his leadership as BNF President and UDC President that we have seen the likelihood of regime change. The cooperation between the UDC leadership, BNF Cde President, Duma Boko, BPP President Cde Rre Molapisi and BMD President, Cde Gomolemo Motswaledi is God sent. Regime change is overdue…..and only UDC can fulfill it.
Kabelo Masvingo Mhuriro
Former BACSRC member and UB-UDC publicity secretary