Live broadcast of Parliament debates motion deferred

Member of Parliamentfor Selibe PhikweWest Gilson Saleshando’smotion which requestedgovernment to allowBotswana Television to broadcastto the nation, live debatesof Parliament was last Fridaydeferred on reasons that furtherconsultation should be done.Saleshando argued thatBatswana should be given thechance to view the Parliamentdebate sessions so that theyare able to see how well theirMPs are representing them.“Batswana ba tshwanetse baiponele seabe sa rona, ka fabangwe ba rona re akgelangka teng, re didimetseng ka tengle ka fa re roganang kgotsa reomanang ka teng mo palamentenge. By so doing, Batswanawill also be able to advise us onhow to handle some of the issueswe debate on,” he said.



Although he agreed with theprinciple of the motion, MPfor Tati East Guma Moyo whostood fi rst to resume the debateon the motion after the moverhad delivered, was quick toadjourn the debate for furtherconsultation with the relevantMinister.“If members of the public areallowed to Parliament debates,then I do not see a problem inbroadcasting it, but the questionthat remains is, when and withwhich resources; as in this casethe budget has already been allocated,”said Moyo.This move did not go wellwith some of the oppositionMPs who felt that it was unnecessaryto adjourn the motion asit had not been debated on thefl oor for passing or rejection.MP for Francistown South,Wynter Mmolotsi opposedthe adjournment by the newlyelected BDP chairman.



“Wewill stop coming to Parliamentif people are going to use theirnumbers to stop the debates,”Mmolotsi said angrily.Kentse Rammidi of KanyeNorth also opposed Moyo arguingwhy it should fi rst beestablished if the resources areavailable when Parliament hadnot agreed on the motion.Lobatse MP NehemiahModubule said, “We ought tobe seen as a serious Parliament.The minister concerned hasnot even showed if he does ordoes not support the motion.It is clear that when a motionis passed, implementation isleft for the executives. I do notsee why the debate should bestopped for further consultations.”The opposition Mps areconcerned with the manner inwhich motions are adjourned.They said this was a prematuredecision by the BDP MP Guma.The Speaker of the NationalAssembly, Dr Margaret Nashathen decided for a vote poll inwhich the majority of MPs favouredthe adjournment of themotion.The motion is expected to bedebated this Friday.