New businesses inspired by sight holder relocation

The past few weeks have been exciting times for small businesses in Botswana, as the prospect of new business from the relocation of DeBeers to Botswana finally became a reality.
For Fluidity, a newly established executive chauffeuring company, Botswana first sight was a glimpse into the potential that the historical move has. “Fluidity offers transport for dignitaries, corporate and executive transport, airport transfers and transportation to weddings, graduation and related ceremonies as well as concerts and sporting events to clients. “With all these sightholders flying into the country, we are excited at the idea of transporting them while they move around the city doing business. Already, we have managed to secure a few sightholder clients so we are hopeful,” said Thor Dunnet, Chief Operations Officer at Fluidity.

Rosewell Chauffeurs owned by Sokuluhle Mafika is also another chauffeuring business that is taking advantage of the arrival of new visitors in town. “I am a chauffeur service provider. We provide an executive tailor-made transport service ranging from presidential Limos, BMW 7 series, Mercedes E class and all other high spec vehicles you can think of. Our chauffeur driven vehicles come with in car refreshments, a newspaper and a chauffeur driver dressed in a suit.  We also have an executive cab service which strictly runs from the hotels to service hotel guests and our corporate clients.” Sokuluhle reveals that, it has however been very difficult to start off, as she failed to get financial assistance from local banks. Financial Institutions she said, felt there was no need for that type of service in Botswana. Since the inception of her business, she has employed six staff members and hopes to employ more in future. The recent Canadian state visit to Botswana by the Governor General is among some of the clients they have serviced and she expressed how excited she is about the sight holder arrival.

“Sight week was an amazing week for me and my team as we were finally able to showcase and deliver to our capabilities. It has taken Rosewell about 11 months to fully prepare for this, as this kind of work is very delicate because of the sensitivity of the clients. In preparation for this I have been closely working with a diamond broker company iHennig & Co. since December last year, ” she said.

“I am also pleased to say that from the first sight the company has grown from servicing one diamond broker company to three.  The service that we provide is exclusively personalized as per the clients. This type of business needs more than 100% dedication and it is key that all the team members can apply themselves both physically and mentally. One of the most important requirements here is the drivers’ etiquette and attitude and they must be highly intellectual. We are already prepared for the next sight in December and the rest to come,” she concluded.