The city’s coolest spot: Sky Lounge

As Gaborone city slowly takes the shape of a modern metropolis, a new development has just emerged to add more credence to Africa’s emerging diamond city.
High up in one of the city’s modern deployments, the iTower,  is the newly opened Sky Lounge. From a distance, a blue light on the last floor of the 19th storey building beckons to the city’s trendy crowd.  The entertainment area which was launched two weeks ago is fast becoming a place were high profile corporate clients patronise for a stunning view of the city, coupled with equally inviting hospitality.

Different vantage points around the lounge offer a panoramic view of Gaborone and surrounding areas. “Sky Lounge is a premier club, dining and entertainment destination for members only. The view from up here is one of the main attractions of Sky Lounge. One can see a 360 view of Gaborone just as it is. “Other than that, we offer a business lounge as well as an entertainment lounge. We have corporates  coming in the afternoon when its slightly quiet to come and sit for a drink with their clients and seal business deals or just enjoy a good drink while the evening is usually filled with patrons who want to be entertained and just enjoy themselves,” said Lobito Ncube, Operations Manager at Sky Lounge.

Although the Lounge is open to the public for free on most week days, Ncube reveals that, as of February next year, this will change. “Entrance into the Lounge will be for members only. We are trying to make the place as exclusive as possible so that it is not just another place in Gaborone. The place is open to patrons above the age of 23. Membership for individuals is priced at P6000.00 for the whole year and this would mean, free entrance into the place all year round and members can host private parties free of charge, with a limited number of people and guests will have 15%off their food. We also have a corporate package and that is P40 000 for the whole year. The good news is that already we have corporates who have bought membership so they can entertain clients and I believe with time, more and more will get membership cards.”
The Lounge with its couches and huge comfortable cushions offer  a relaxed environment to sit, feel at home and enjoy drinks which range from wines, ciders, beers, whiskeys. For those who wish to eat, the Libyan Restaurant on the first floor which is a part of the Lounge also caters for the Sky Lounge.

“In future, we hope to have a cigar house and a wine cellar. What we have now are belly dancers who we bring in occasionally on Fridays to come and entertain. For those who have a thing for art, we have Sophie Lolande Art  Gallery were they can also enjoy art displayed on the walls by local artists as well as international ones,” said Ncube.

The type of crowd that they hope to attract at Sky Lounge she says are successful professionals, international jet-setters, socialites, fashionistas, diplomats, corporate bigwigs and whiskey lovers.