Ntsie calls for the formation of an arts council

BOMU currently engaging with other organizations to speed formation of the council


The Secretary General of Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU), Pagson Ntsie says the arts industry needs an Arts Council to be established to make it easy for government and other organizations to assist them collectively.
Ntsie made this appeal after the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Thapelo Olopeng called on people in the arts to form a collective body at a meeting in Limkokwing University recently.
“The creative industry at large has been dormant and needed ignition. We have so many associations dealing with the same mandate and these associations can unite and form one umbrella body like the meeting has suggested,” he said, concurring with Olopeng’s proposal.
He went on to say organizations like Folklore, BOMU, BEPA, Dj’s Associations who are currently “scattered” could come and work together like before, as it is not easy to get assistance if they are scattered.
“We are now busy engaging other associations to work on this issue. Some of those aforementioned association are not operating, it’s just names and don’t even have offices. They have all embraced this idea and we are busy having indoor meetings with the selected creative industry key leaders,” he said.
Ntsie also said that the biggest impediment in the creative industry is the serious lack of professionalism, and that the arts council could be the solution. “If we come together it will speed the formation of arts council. It will be easier to regulate the creative industry instead of the present situation where it is regulated through the Liquor act.”
He added that Olopeng was the first minister to show concern for the arts industry and hoped that he would also change liquor trading hours as they have negatively affected the music industry.