Over P1m stolen from Chinese constructor’s bank account

Five men appeared beforeBroadhurst Chief Magistrate,Munash Ndlovu lastweek for allegedly stealing overP1.4 million from a Chinese constructioncompany, Red East ConstructionCompany’s Stanbic Bankaccount.The fi ve, Steady Lerubisi (33),Onalethata Molatlhiwa (26), BonoloLekobe (28), Davies Modutlwe(25) and Tumisang Monau (31)were arrested on June 18th whileattempting to make further transactionsfrom Red East’s account atStanbic Bank Game City branch.The prosecutor asked the courtto deny Lerubisi, Molatlhiwa andLekobe bail because they couldinterfere with investigations whichare still ongoing because the monieswere deposited in their businessaccounts.


He also wanted Modutlwe whoworks for Orange Botswana deniedbail as there was evidence from thecompany he works for, which hecould temper with. It is alleged thateven though the Managing Directorof Red East left for China inMarch this year, his Orange mobilenumber was still being used.Investigating offi cer, DetectiveSuperintendent Sergeant Marapotold the court that the charge sheetwill be amended as more countsare to be added. The current sheetshows that the fi ve stole a sum ofP250, 000. 00 from Red East StanbicBank account sometime in Maythis year.


He revealed that investigationsshowed that a further P1, 465,820. 00 was transferred from RedEast’s account to those of the accusedpersons between April 10thand May 10th. He told the courtthat P320, 000. 00 was transferredon April 10th, two transactions ofP347, 350. 00 and P165, 000. 00were made on April 30th, and theother two of P380, 000. 00 and 253,470. 00 were made on May 10th.The money is said to have been depositedinto business accounts ofcompanies belonging to Lerubisi,Molatlhiwa and Lekobe.Marapo further told the court thatthey managed to freeze amounts ofP273, 750. 00 and P347, 258. 00which were to be transferred intoone of the accused’s accounts onJune 18th.


He pleaded with thecourt to remand the fi ve as somecars and furniture believed to havebeen bought using the stolen moneyare yet to be confi scated and thesuspects could sell them if grantedbail. He said so far one car was recoveredabandoned in Palapye.All, except Modutlwe told thecourt that they will seek lawyersto represent them while the lattersaid he will appear in person. Thebail hearing which could not becompleted on Friday is expected tocontinue today (Tuesday).