Was Masters setup to fall from grace?

Damning allegations reaching this publication from Lekidi Football Centre are that the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Botswana Football Association (BFA), Keith Masters, was set up to trip and fall from grace.

The knockout blow in Masters’ downward trajectory came at the end of January when reports emerged that the police had raided his office and uncovered sordid evidence of illicit sex. According to the reports, Masters was then arrested and charged with distributing pornographic material. The British national then resigned from his position.

A source privy to the developments which led to pornographic material being found in Masters’ possession resulting in the CEO’s resignation, wrote a letter seen by Gazette Sport indicating that the man was set up. The source said there are some elements within the BFAs who “hated” the Briton so much they wanted him out by hook or crook.

The source, who Gazette Sport traced and interviewed said “that the pornographic claims linked to the former BFA CEO were just a plot to injure his reputation.” He reiterated in the letter that “Masters was forced out by a smear campaign perpetrated by some despicable and evil people who were hell bent on causing the Englishman as much grief as they could and also setting out to destroy his reputation.”

The source describes Masters as a loyal and an honest man, something of an extrovert who spoke his mind without fear. The source also said a lot of times, Masters carried work without help or support from the BFA President nor his National Executive Committee.

The Briton came to the BFA with a sparkling resume having headed the Kent County Football Association in Britain. After taking over he promised to turn BFA into a profitable organization. However, he has faced a lot of criticism over his work output with some questioning his suitability for the job. Some even demanded that he be fired, arguing that his performance was dismal from the start.

“I remember him telling me once that he would never walk away but would stay and finish what he started despite the lack of support from the NEC. This latest episode must have hit him really hard for him to change his mind as he had always been resolute that he will see through what he started,” the source wrote.

Information reaching this publication is that Friends of Football is implicated in Masters’ set up and the letter indicates that “Friends of Football show that they are anything but friends to football as they have not only tarnished Masters’ name, but that of the entire football fraternity in Botswana.”

Masters was appointed last year on a three year contract after the resignation of Duncan Kgame. His resignation was adding to the trend of short stints at the helm by BFA CEOs. Masters predecessor, Kgame lasted only six months, while the one before him, Judge Mookodi, lasted only four months.