We are waiting for the BCP to heal – BMD

The Botswana Movement for Democracy  (BMD)  Vice President , Wynter  Mmolotsi  has stated  that  they will wait  for the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) to heal from their loss of the  2014 General election before engaging them. Speaking yesterday (Monday) Mmolotsi said as part of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), they will be patient with the BCP before they can invite them to join the umbrella. “We want to give them time to think and heal from their loss; they  need that space and we respect that,” he said.

The Francistown South legislator  said they are of the view that  if the BCP  joins UDC, “they would have made it   faster  and easier to  take  over from the Botswana Democratic Party. Together we can rescue Batswana from the current  sad situation  caused by the BDP.”

Mmolotsi further said they have positioned themselves in such a way that will be  easy for the BCP to approach them when ready to engage. “ If  they do not  do that, we will then approach them,  but that will only be after we  are certain that they have indeed healed.”

Hoping for negotiations  with the  BCP in future,  he said they will not have a big brother mentality where they dictate  terms, but that each party will be  given a  platform and listened to. “ The models and policies of the Umbrella were not disputed  at the time when we parted ways so we are  ready to listen to them and they listen to us on outstanding issues.”

Furthermore, he discouraged  conflicts usually displayed  on social media by members of his party and the BCP , saying they see the BCP as a potential partner. “We should guard against our utterances even when they on the other hand attack us. They are our potential partner in taking Botswana forward and we need them.”

Meanwhile, BMD Secretary General Gilbert Mangole   has also  urged the youth of the party to actively get involved in campaigning for the  party as they prepare  to take over government in  2019 and desist from attacking each other on social media. “We have instances where camps within our party  attack each other, dragging the name of the party in the  mud. That is very bad for us and we  have had to call members of both camps to order. We don’t expect to have any of that behaviour anymore; we should be concerned about building our party.”