We failed you – Mokaila

When addressing a fully packed Kgotla meeting in Tonota during President Ian Khama’s visit at the village last week, the Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Kitso Mokaila admitted that they are failing to provide water to Batswana.

Mokaila was answering a question from Samuel Mutorite, a member of the public who had expressed concern over lack of water. Mutorite revealed that the Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) takes long to connect water, unlike the Water Affairs Department, which had a faster plan. According to him, the WUC dictates that they use a JCB to dig the trenches for water pipes and it takes a very long time while people suffer without water.

“It is true that we are slow to connect water in your area because most of the pipes in your area are worn-out whereas many people have moved here. We are pleading with you, if you are able, dig for themselves and we will connect the water as fast as possible. We have failed what we had anticipated or thought we would do for you but that does not mean that the prices will decrease for you, you will still be charged for the services,” Mokaila said.

He said contrary to what Mutorite said, that the WUC officials are refusing to explain to them how they should go about digging that should not be the case. Mokaila indicated that when someone wants to dig the pipeline for himself, the officials from WUC are responsible to explain to the customers how they should do it.