New heights for revamped Nando’s restaurant

Fashion shows can be a bit of a bore at times, but not the mini fashion spectacle held at the new look Nandos restaurant at Airport Junction Mall this past Saturday as the store went expanded its trading space. Looking sexy and glamorous, employees from the outlet dazzled in their couture clothing made from recycled material as they rampaged through the runway as spectators watched in awe.

We have seen it on catwalks, as well as on many red carpets events but what made this show even the more fascinating were the clothes worn by models as they portrayed various meals available in the store which is a rare occurrence in fashion events. Not only did the colours of the cape inspired dresses complement the model’s skin tone and exotic looks, it made them look like royalty on the runway.

Speaking to Time Out, Simiso Ncube, Brand Marketing Manager of Nandos, pointed out that customers were excited about the expansion of the store and shared with us various new meals on offer in the restaurant. “We have expanded our trading space as we all know Nandos is one of the best restaurants locally, so we found it conducive to enlarge our kitchen and create space around the store,” she said.

Further, Ncube added; “The whole concept of behind the fashion show is that when we closed for renovations, our quote was ‘we are stripping down so please look away as we are naked,’ but now that we are opening, what we are saying to our customers is we are now dressed so they should feast their eyes as we strut our feathers and offer a whole variety of new meals,” she explained, adding that the core of their butterfly flamed peri-peri chicken, basted in various flavours of our customers’ choice, is on offer.

“Our customers are very happy with the expansion and we made it that we create an element of choice in terms of where to sit around the shop as there is space available now for the conservative, non- conservative and also the vibrant youth who prefer to socialize when they are around. We have a new meal which our customers have been raving about called ‘Hot Pot.’ It is made up of tender chicken, vegetables and spicy rice and it can be found in all Nandos restaurants across the country. I would also urge our customers to come and check out our famous taste of flamed grilled chicken and a variety of other meals including premium Halloumi burger and wraps,” she concluded.
Time Out also caught up with one of the spectators in attendance who was very pleased with the space around the restaurant and expressed delight in new meals offered by the outlet. “I felt at ease when I walked into the restaurant as the space created makes us comfortable. I also cannot get enough of this ‘Hot Pot’ meal,” she said.