2023 New Read: Shadows in the Dark

The well-crafted book challenges views on spirituality, religion and life in general


Wordsmith Neo Mosweu has ushered in the new year with a new book titled “Shadows in the Dark – A Mosaic of Truth” that discusses various elements concerning spirituality.
The new read is a spiritual and interfaith genre targeting anyone who does not want to focus on religion but on the body, soul and spirit regardless of religion.

“The book was originally titled “Beautiful Burden” to say there are people who seem to understand more about the relationship between the physical and spiritual realms but it is not easy for them to play the role of messenger because of the burden that goes with interpreting such knowledge,” Mosweu said in an interview.

“The change to ‘Shadows in the Dark’ was in the same line of thought but with more recognition of the forces and energies that operate in both realms but especially the influence of the spiritual realm on the physical realm. The tag ‘A Mosaic of Truth’ acknowledges that there is only one truth even if we view it from different perspectives but it all comes together to build one amazing phenomenon.”


About the book
The book shares that there are many theories pertaining to the existence of the physical and non-physical realms through science, philosophy and religion. Inevitably this leads to a rift in how the interaction of entities in the universe is understood.

Over time, science, philosophy and religion have found the rift between them becoming narrower even though entitlement to defend a standpoint has made it difficult to admit people that are possibly at odds about a topic that should unite them.

Said Mosweu: “We have been at odds for so long that sometimes it seems the only reason we are at odds is because it is the only thing we know how to do. But what if we’re not as different as we thought?

“‘Shadows in the Dark’ will take you through this difficult but must-have discussion and through carefully chosen subjects we will initiate a conversation that has been ignorantly and conveniently avoided and, in some instances, swept under the rug for far too long.”


Writer’s style
The author has an expositing writing style with objective creativity undertones. She aims not to bring her own assumptions but to develop a conversation with the reader about a topic that requires unconventional thinking with the most accuracy to ensure that the truth prevails over opinion.

“The book is a critical discussion that needs to be had by people of different faiths in order to find the means to reduce or eliminate the chaos created by religion,” Mosweu said. “It helps the reader introspect and answer questions such as who am I and what is my purpose?”

The book is available on Lulu.com and will be available at local bookshops soon. Contacting 71877009 or 72403758 can also get readers a copy.