A cup of real tea, anyone?

Introducing Botswana’s first tea factory


Enthusiastic tea drinkers are in for a treat as Botswana welcomes Tee Tota, the country’s first home brewed tea brand, located at the Block 3 Industrial Complex in Gaborone. The citizen owned and CEDA funded Motherwell Investments factory packages black loose leaf and tag-less tea bags with the aim to promote self-sufficiency in Botswana. The Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry will officially open the factory this week, on the 21st of August.
“As an passionate tea drinker, I undertook research in the local market and established that Batswana really love their tea and of course meaning that there’s a high demand as well. The available prime brands tend to be very expensive for the multitudes of consumers who are facing tough times and that’s how the concept of an alternative option presented itself,” said Chodiwa Ntibi of Motherbrands Botswana.
Their raw tea is imported from Malawi, it is then poured into the feed bucket elevator, weighed, filled and sealed to make a small tea pouch. Ntibi explained that what sets their tea apart is its unique blend which is tantalizing to the taste buds and of course its relaxing effects.
“Our tea is also perfectly blended. It gives you that great taste with limited caffeine, which is not good if it is consumed in large amounts. Lastly, the tea is competitively priced for the affordability and benefit of all,” she said, adding that taste tests have garnered positive reviews from Batswana who can’t wait to see it in retail stores.
Tee Tota makes its splash at the right time as more health conscious consumers turn to tea as an option for a healthier and more balanced dietary regiment. Ntibi shared the same sentiments and further explained that tea is known for its flavonoids and studies have linked a high intake of polyphenolic plant compounds with a healthier life.
“Flavonoids also reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases. The most researched areas remain the cardiovascular diseases and cancer,” she concluded.