Masa Fashion Show joins the digital revolution


“Currently, the fashion industry is reinventing itself in the digital age,” was the statement shared by Masa Square Hotel Fashion show producer, Jan Malan who is returning to guide yet another installment of the country’s premier fashion event, under the theme ‘Fashion in the Digital Age’. Slated for October 20th, 2018 at Masa Square Hotel, this year’s show promises to be a star studded event and Malan further emphasised that the fashion extravaganza was a chance for Botswana to leapfrog ahead and demonstrate how our local industry can make its mark in the era of digital connectivity.
“We are extremely happy to be back to produce this year’s show. I absolutely love the theme. We are pretty much saying Botswana is out there trend setting. I have already met up with the designers who will be showcasing and they already have great ideas to interpret this year’s theme. For years I have been saying #AfricaIsTheFuture, now I am saying #AfricaIsNow. So watch the space,” said Malan who is globally recognised for his production work.
At this year’s show, seven budding fashion designers have been tasked with designing an exclusive collection under the tutelage of mentors selected from established professional designers from the local industry. The purpose of the mentorship is to provide inspiration and key business insights as well as to foster meaningful interactions with other stakeholders from the creative industries.
“What most of us need to realise it that besides the glitz and glamour of the program, we are actually running a mentorship program. What we need to see as a business are the results that were borne from the mentorship program. We applaud the mentors and mentees for their dedication and hard work,” said Neo Nkele, Masa Square Hotel Sales and Marketing Head.
Nkele went on to reveal that this year’s show attracted an array of sponsors including Limkokwing University of Creative Technology who are the main sponsors, Ngwao Brands Architects, Mmokolodi Nature Reserve, 3G Mobile, PT Photography, Madison, Umzingeli and Audiotech.
“We are extremely excited about our partnerships with Botswana based companies. This is a lesson to all on how coming together can help grow Botswana’s Fashion and Textile industry. The platform we have created will certainly allow the mentees to put their best foot forward while gaining access to what they can expect upon graduating and entering the workforce. They are fortunate enough to engage with big brands which in turn will help them hone their entrepreneurial skills,” Nkele said.
One of the show’s sponsors, Dennis Ramokgau from Mmokolodi Nature Reserve said, “our business specializes in educating people about conservation. We decided to incorporate conservation education with their designs to share the conservation message, and what better way to do it one outfit at a time.”
Nkele concluded by saying, “We hope that the partnerships we have formulated will inspire more corporates to invest in the development and further cultivation of our youth’s talents and skills. We look forward to a continued, fruitful union as the Masa Fashion Show and Mentorship Challenge continues to grow.”