A Toast to Yet Another Successful Brutal Fruit Spritzer Saturday!

  • Event represented the campaign’s core values of women standing proudly in their unique femininity


Decked out in their finest Spritzer Saturday attire, women represented the core values of standing proudly and powerfully in their unique femininity at the Brutal Fruit Spritzer Saturday at Cresta Lodge Gaborone last weekend.

Following its triumphant debut in July, the event was a success and enchanted women who share a common desire to belong and celebrate life.

It was hosted by media personality, Marang Selolwane, who engaged guests in discussions about the revolutionary Brutal Fruit tagline, “You Belong.”

“In the realms of our strengths …”

One of the performing artists at the event, the sensational Samantha Mogwe, said she uses her music to create a community of women who understand themselves first and embrace their differences.

As she said, her music serves as a platform for expressing thoughts and feelings that may be difficult to put into words. “As women, we should all work in the realms of our strengths,” the crooner said. “And through my music, I get to communicate a lot of the conversations that I have had with people.”

Influential women

The event featured influential women, including Thabsie, a celebrated artist and Brutal Fruit ambassador from South Africa who enchanted attendees with her soulful voice.

Gosego Katai, a certified beauty, fashion, and lifestyle and makeup artist, was another. She shared her inspirational story and collaborations with internationally recognised beauty brands like Huda Beauty.

Delectable brunch

At the heart of Brutal Fruit Spritzer Saturdays lies a delectable brunch menu crafted to complement the sweet and zesty taste of Brutal Fruit. With an assortment of options, attendees embarked on a gastronomic voyage tailored to satisfy their diverse palates, each dish carefully crafted to elevate taste buds.

To compliment this culinary journey guests indulged in the crisp, fruity allure of Brutal Fruit.

Femininity and merriment

Brutal Fruit epitomises femininity and merriment. Its essence is encapsulated in its refined liquid, sophisticated packaging and cultured drinking rituals. From the selection of glassware to the presentation of straws and ice buckets, every detail was meticulously curated to enhance the overall experience.

As the sun set over Cresta Lodge Gaborone, guests were invited to raise their glasses to a day filled with elegance, pleasure, and the exhilaration of belonging to a community that embraces individuality and dreams.