“Infected by Myth” is Overthrust’s Latest Offering 

  • Album is set to be the greatest record in the history of the metal music band




The fifth studio album of the four-piece extreme metal music band, Overthrust, promises to be a significant release in the history of the band.


According to band leader Tshomarelo “Vulture” Mosaka, who was recently in Cape Town for the recording of “Infected by Myth,”

their new offering will be released by the end of this year and will be sold in streaming sites and physical copies in various music shops around Botswana, South Africa, Europe and the USA.


Modern churches


“The album could have been recorded in 2020 but COVID-19 disturbed our plans,” he said in an interview with Time Out.

“The album is inspired by the rise of modern churches and the suspicion that some of them may be deceiving people. Overthrust aims to create music that addresses this issue and warns people to be aware of such deception.”

“Infected by Myth” suggests that many people today rely on myths or supernatural beliefs instead of working hard to improve their lives.


The album emphasises the idea that one must take action and help oneself rather than relying solely on divine intervention because those who do so become susceptible to deception and are often swindled out of their hard-earned money and assets.

“The album contains various messages, including the importance of not judging others and the reality of life’s hardships,” Mosaka said. “It encourages those who listen to the music to be strong in the face of adversity.”

Overthrust takes a unique approach to music by creating authentic, movie-like scenes with raw and unfiltered lyrical content. They aim to provide a different perspective compared to what other musicians typically write about.

Meaningful themes

Accordingly, “Infected by Myth” has a strong focus on meaningful themes and a commitment to delivering a unique and raw musical experience.

Said Mosaka: “This album is complicated. It has a unique rhythm, natural sounds, and underground riffs played in different musical patterns. We have also stuck to our classical way of doing things. We are old school with a very raw sound recorded in analogue style.”


Legendary producer

The band is recording the album in Cape Town, South Africa with their new record label, Indian River Music Company, from Florida in the USA. They chose Milestone Studios in Cape Town for its state-of-the-art equipment and experienced producers and sound engineers.

“That is one of the biggest studios in South Africa and we wanted the best,” Mosaka noted. “Our record label has also collaborated with legendary music producer, Howard Merlin, who is highly experienced with recording international big bands in the USA.”