Adega restaurant introduces breakfast menu


Adega Restaurant, which is the latest addition to Gaborone’s eateries recently launched a breakfast menu for weekends.
The Portuguese franchise located at Airport Junction mall opened its doors on February 2016 and caters to everyone, with reasonable pricing and an array of dishes for meat, chicken and seafood lovers. According to Michelle Phetlhe of ESTeRES boutique agency- who is tasked with the restaurant’s marketing, they decided to launch the breakfast menu because all if not most of their competitors serve breakfast daily and they did not want to limit their clientele to lunch and dinner.
“Breakfast is available only on weekends as we still maintain our unique style of food and service. We encourage family meals and weekends are an excellent time for people to come together and enjoy a good meal and create memories,” she said.
Served on the breakfast menu are waffles, pancakes, bottomless coffee, traditional breakfasts with options of sides as well as the English breakfast which she says is another interesting option to try. She pointed out that they also have a vegetarian breakfast which is not an option one can easily find in other eateries without putting in a special request with the chef. Vegetable breakfast includes crumbed mushrooms, hash browns, halloumi cheese, beans on toast options all served with a salad and French fries. With a price range of P25 to P45, Phetlhe insists their offering is reasonably priced and does not leave a dent on their customer’s pockets.
Nestled among other eateries at the mall, what sets the restaurant apart is their casual environment and competitively priced menu as they have unending food specials daily. There is an array of seafood which includes king and queen prawns, tampuras and stuffed calamari. The restaurant does not serve alcohol but virgin cocktails that can be paired with any selected meal on the menu.
“Our target is the average person who is interested in going out for a fine dining experience. We run different specials daily, pasta, lamb chops, prawns, and the recently famous 2 full chickens for P150. A meal perfect for home, work or a group of friends to enjoy,” Phetlhe said.
Adega Botswana is locally owned by business woman Sheila Desia and has been running activations including Guest Bartenders, Meals with Influencers, The Media Dance and Breakfast which had professional dancers, “Dance Legends”, giving a crash course in different styles of dance, Cha Cha, Waltz and Salsa.