ATI’s Life Spiraling Out of Control?

  • BTC threatening to terminate contract?
  • Artist separates with manager


Allegations reaching Time Out suggest that the Khiring Khorong superstar, Atlasaone ‘ATI’ Molemogi, who owned 2017 with his hit single and mad stage craft- has  breached his much-celebrated contract with BTC who are now threatening to terminate it. This has been affirmed by a source close to the developments.
While ATI himself dismisses these claims saying “I am used to people saying all sorts of things about me,” it is said that he consistently fails to make appearances or arrives late at assigned BTC gigs, an element of the contract said to be core.
“The contract clearly stated that BTC was paying ATI for appearances and his music would be used for BTC campaigns. ATI was either coming late or not showing up when he was requested to do so. The organization was frustrated and considered contract termination,” the source stated.
Reached for comment Public Relations manager of BTC, Golekanye Molapisi dismissed the allegations stating that the rapper is still contracted to BTC as a brand ambassador. “BTC has not terminated its contract with artist ATI. ATI has granted BTC the rights and license to continue utilizing his image, famous phrases and any other traits synonymous with the artist in connection with marketing, promotion and sale of BTC products and services. BTC will continue engaging and using the artist to endorse BTC products and services,” he said, dismissing the claim that the artist was in breach of contract.
Asked if they would renew the contract when it comes to an end this year Molapisi said the contract was still running hence it was too early to draw conclusions and the two parties will engage further when the contract ends.
Concurring with BTC, ATI said their relationship was fruitful and happy. “If BTC was not happy they owe it to the public to announce that the relationship is not going well after all that is a company with local shareholders and I bet they would want to know what is happening in their organization,” he said.
Meanwhile, ATI’s manager Lloyd Totego has confirmed to Time Out that he no longer works with the artist as he did “not benefit” for the engagement. He said he was also inundated with “other projects”.