BOMU Turns Over a New Leaf

  • Rebrands at an estimated cost of P800 000
  • “It was messy and we are cleaning up”- Ntsie


After their AGM last September, a resolution was reached that Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU) should rebuild and turn over a new leaf as it is always marred with controversy.
BOMU was assigned to rebrand, have a strategic plan, raise funds, improve its relations, attract and forge partnerships. The organization, last week, introduced their rebranded logo, announced new partnerships and a new operating office space.
“We have realized that we have been sleeping on a diamond and overlooked the potential of the organization. As we speak we have made a partnership with CCLK Consultants and Rimzy Production. Our office space will be paid for by these consultants for 2 years. We have now moved from our old offices that were not up to standard to a reputable office space BOMU President, Pagson Ntsie told Time Out.
Ntsie also revealed that their rebranding is estimated to cost about P800 000 and BOMU did not spend a cent as this is a partnership. “All along there have been people who wanted to invest in this organization but they were waiting for us to get our ducks in a row first. As we speak we have also attracted one insurance company that will be creating packages for funeral and legal cover as well as medical aid for artists,” he stated further saying they will launch their website in March.
BOMU currently has 1500 members countrywide and Ntsie said the numbers will increase after they clean up the mess and give the organization a good reputation.
Ntsie however seized the opportunity to point out that artists were exploiting BOMU whenever in conflict with promoters. “We usually use the union’s resources to attend to artists who are not even members. We are now introducing temporary membership for international artists coming to perform here so that when they have a problem it does not eat into our resources. BOMU was in a messy state and we are cleaning up. By the end of this year everyone will be able to see the difference,” he pointed out, stating that they were in the process of a memorandum of agreement with COSBOTS.
Ntsie further said their aim is to have at least raised P3 million by the end of the year as they have fundraising events in the pipeline. “We are tired of always relying on MYSC for funding, we must at least meet them halfway. It does not show growth to always ask from the ministry. I have taken the baton and I am running with it,” he concluded.