Vee Mampeezy Loses Unreleased Single

  • P10 000 reward for anyone who returns the lost disc
  • If the song gets leaked it would be a breach of contract


Kwaito Kwasa artist Vee Mampeezy is on panic mode as his team lost a CD that contains his unreleased upcoming single dubbed Khubama Re Itshebe. Mampeezy says the CD was lost in Lobatse where they were performing and offers a P10 000 reward to anyone who would provide them with information to recover the CD.
“We want to prevent it from leaking because we have not agreed on release dates with our record label Universal Music,” he posted on social media.
Relating the story of how the disc was misplaced to Time Out, Vee said he and his team had loaded songs onto the CD for a performance including the new single. The plan, he says, was not to sample the single at the gig because it was not released yet. After his performances they loaded their belongings into their vehicle, headed for the city and later realized that the CD was missing.
“We went back to look for the CD but we did not find it where one of our members said it was and now I am pleading with anyone who has found it to return it to us. I have all my songs with me and I work with a group of people who I consider family and I wanted them to listen to the song which is why it was in that CD in the first place. That is how different Botswana’s music industry is from South Africa because we consider each other as family,” he said adding that they were planning a proper release date for Khubama Re Itshebe.
When asked what would happen if the song was leaked Vee said, “It would be a big problem. You see I have a contractual agreement with Universal Studios and if that song is leaked it would mean that I have breached the contract, which is my worst fear,” the visibly distraught artist said.
Now Mampeezy is considering releasing the single before it leaks as Universal Music has left the decision with him.
In a recent interview Vee revealed that he is working on new music and traveling between Johannesburg and Gaborone to do the final touch-ups of the upcoming album which is scheduled for release sometime this year.