Berry Heart Creations Extends Footprint To Maun 

  • The fashion and lifestyle boutique is a haven of luxury reminiscent of the finest boutiques in France


A touch of Parisan chic has arrived in the resort town of Maun with the grand opening of Berry Heart Creations, a fashion and lifestyle boutique that promises to bring the sophistication and charm of the finest French boutiques to the local community.

The new Berry Heart Creations in Maun is set to offer a unique shopping experience that blends timeless style with modern elegance, capturing the essence of French luxury.

“My database shows that in Botswana, Berry Heart Creations sells more in Maun,” Keotshepile “Berry Heart” Motseonageng said in an interview.

Champagne and classical music 

“During my visit to Paris in 2007, my then French heart-throb took me to a particular upscale boutique. Upon entering, we were served champagne and serenaded with classical music.

“That experience has been a lasting inspiration. This is what Berry Heart Creations Maun offers.”


The boutique offers a curated selection of tailored clothing ranging from casual wear to formal attire and curated accessories from leather handbags and wallets to sunglasses and watches that celebrate both international trends and local craftsmanship.


Berry Heart’s commitment to quality and keen eye for design have earned her a loyal customer base from her first branch in Phakalane. But she didn’t stop there.

Vibrant tourism

Driven by the desire to bring her vision to more people, she set her sights on Maun, the town known for its vibrant tourism industry.

“The boutique’s exterior is sleek and modern, featuring glass walls with subtle, elegant branding that hints at the exclusivity within,” she said. “As you enter, you’re greeted by a polished porcelain floor that extends through the store, reflecting soft, ambient lighting.

“The interior design is sophistication, with clean lines, high ceilings and a color palette of muted pink, white and occasional splashes of Berry Heart’s iconic red.

Plush and meticulous


“Plush seating areas with contemporary furniture invite you to relax and enjoy your shopping experience. The boutique is meticulously organised, with each section dedicated to different aspects of the Berry Heart Creations lifestyle.”

Berry Heart shares that in the centre of the boutique, a professional bartender serves flutes of chilled premium champagne that is carefully selected to complement the elegance of the boutique and offer a sensory delight as customers shop.


“This is not a bar or a restaurant; just one glass by the VIP attentive staff that offer personalised service to the impeccably dressed customer, and then guiding you through the collections and providing expert advice,” she said.

Valued and pampered 

“They ensure that every detail of your visit is perfect – from the moment you step in to the time you leave with your purchases. The warm hospitality and deep knowledge of the products enhance the overall experience, making you feel valued and pampered.”

Soft music in the background creates a serene atmosphere that allows customers to immerse themselves fully in the shopping experience.

The boutique will be officially launched on 3rd August.