Bomme Basadi Set to Dazzle in Concert

Punah Gabasiane, Nono Siile, Charma Gal and Kearoma Rantao will become the pioneers of what will henceforward become a feature of social life in Botswana when they demonstrate what the country’s distaff section of entertainers in music can do on Saturday. Staff Writer GOSEGO MOTSUMI gives a hint of what to expect

In a celebration of talent and empowerment, an all-women star lineup is gearing up to mesmerise audiences with their soulful melodies and infectious rhythms in an upcoming music concert styled “Bomme Basadi Music Connect.”

The star-studded concert is slated for 20 April at Millenium Jazz Restaurant in Mogoditshane and features the celebrated award winning jazz artists, Punah Gabasiane, Kearoma Rantao, Nono Siile with the sensational pop artist Magadeline ‘Charma Gal” Lesolebe, each of whom will bring a unique flair to the stage.

Camaraderie among women

For the project manager, Bame Motsomatshukudu, the concert is not only about showcasing musical excellence but is also about the power of collaboration and camaraderie among women in the male-dominated world of music.

“This concert is a celebration of women in the creative space,” she told Time Out. “The event also serves as a powerful motivation for women artists to continue supporting each other.”

The repertoire for the concert is as eclectic as it is electrifying, featuring a mix of timeless classics, original compositions, and innovative arrangements that display the versatility and virtuosity of the artists.

Beyond the music …

From smooth ballads to up-tempo grooves, each performance promises to captivate audiences and leave them craving more.

But beyond the music itself, the concert serves as a platform for advocacy and empowerment, highlighting the importance of gender equality and representation in the arts.

In the spirit of inclusivity and diversity, the concert will also feature female event producer, the founder of Women of Works, Zenzele Hirschfeld, as MC, further amplifying the voice and talent of women in the music industry.

More to come

“This is the first edition,” she said. “More concerts featuring more female talent will follow, affording more women artists an opportunity to showcase.

“Women in the entertainment industry deserve the support because they continue to excel and to make their mark. The lineup may be 100 percent women but the show is open to all genders.”

As the concert draws near, anticipation is building, the excitement becoming palpable. People are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to be swept away by the enchanting melodies and infectious energy of these extraordinary women.

The stage is set

Tickets to the concert that will start at 7.30pm are priced at P100.

For the performing artists, the stage is set, the instruments are tuned, and the spotlight awaits. This will be a testament to the enduring power of music to unite, inspire and uplift.