From Crown to Quill: Palesa Molefe Pens Children’s Affirmations Book

  • O Sharp? O Sho? is a validating journey that ignites the spark of self-discovery and resilience in the hearts of young readers


In a delightful twist of fate, Miss Botswana 2021 Palesa Molefe has traded her tiara for a pen, embarking on a heartwarming journey as an author of children’s affirmations book titled “O Sharp? O Sho? (Are you ok? Are you sure?).

Drawing on her experiences, creativity, and boundless imagination, she is set to enchant young readers with her first book, weaving affirmations of fear, sadness and shyness that resonate with young readers.

Mental health

For Molefe, the decision to venture into the world of children’s literature was a natural extension of her “Lore le Ojwa le sa le Metsi” project and her dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of others.

“As a former beauty queen, a big part of my project was on mental health for children,” she said in an interview.

“This initiative took me on a beautiful journey into marginalised communities where I got to interact with amazing children from all walks of life.

“My heart was touched by the light I saw inside each and every one of those children.

O Sharp? O Sho?

“Because I couldn’t bear the thought of that light being dimmed because of life’s circumstances, l created a child-friendly book of affirmations for all children to read and remember how amazing they are!”

Molefe’s children’s first work as an author is a captivating book that is more than just a collection of affirmations. The story is centred around a central character who, through the power of affirmation, is able to overcome feelings like fear, sadness and shyness.

It is a validating journey that ignites the spark of self-discovery and resilience in the hearts of young readers.

Positive reinforcement

Said Molefe: “This book touches on different emotions that children go through – from fear to sadness and anger.

“I chose to focus on these themes because it promotes positive reinforcement: praise and reward children for their efforts and bravery in facing their fears.

“Celebrate their progress, no matter how small, and acknowledge their courage. Positive reinforcement helps boost their confidence and motivates them to continue overcoming their fears.

Donate a Book movement 

“For as long as I can remember, I have believed that the youth are the future. So it was only fit that the first book I published was a children’s affirmation book.”

As a self-published author, the former beauty queen is eager to share her love of storytelling with young readers and their families, spreading joy and inspiration with the 18-page long book.

The goal is to introduce the “Donate a Book” movement by encouraging the public and private sector to contribute to sustainable impact by investing in a significant quantity of the book (50 books and above) to donate to schools or to their own community projects.


These books will open doors to knowledge, inspire creativity and empower children to reach their full potential.

A copy of the book is retailing for P120. For quotations or enquiries, people can send emails to

Said the author: “I will definitely be publishing more books. It’s an amazing way to make a difference and provide the gift of knowledge. So keep a lookout for future works from the O Shapo? O Sho? community.”