BOMU snubs Kast

Tlatsa Lebala is a business venture not a charitable initiative- Mmusi


Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU) President Michael Mmusi says they did not join Kast’s 1000 km walk because the rapper did not formally engage them and is not their member.
Mmusi says they only learnt about Kast’s walk through social media and he is not an active member of the union.
“Kast is currently not a member in good standing with the union. Therefore if you are not a member you cannot benefit from the union, “he said explaining that it would be unfair to their members for the union to pour their administrative expertise and costs into someone who is not a member.
He however said if Kast was an active member, they would go all out to assist him: “We would have had a proper meeting and shared ideas on how best he could execute this plan,” he explained.
“From my point of view artists seem to not be supporting Kast because they see him as a competitor and they will not be getting paid at the end of it all while Kast’s company would have made a profit,” said Mmusi who argued that while they support initiatives that grow the local music industry, Tlatsa Lebala was a business venture only intended to grow Kast’s brand, which is why he was not getting support from other artists.
“For example, artists will show their support to a fellow artist during a new album launch. In this case they also want to benefit as businesses and you cannot ask a competitor to support their competition,” he pointed out.
In his response however, Kast said Batswana artists were supporting his cause, “They are silently bringing in pledges and much needed moral support.”
Mmusi said while he was personally supportive of Kast’s initiative, it was full of loopholes that make it hard to attract investors.