R’alocha shoe line launches in Botswana


Twenty-year-old Motswana shoe enthusiast and double major Medicine and Surgery student, Aone Ditirwa, recently launched her shoe line dubbed R’alocha in Gaborone.
According to the China-based and Bobonong native R’alocha in her native dialect Sebirwa translates to  “We or I greet you,” usually passed as a formal greeting from the youth to their forbearers  or to anyone of significant status.
Just like tonnes of other women, Ditirwa who also works for a bilingual lifestyle magazine in Dalian, China is obsessed with shoes and wants to share her passion with other women. She says she has always believed that a lady’s shoe collection inevitably communicates her identity and style.
“Growing up as a frequent beauty pageant participant, walking in heels was mandatory and I always wished for the ideal kind of shoe, comfortable and stylish,” she said.
She explained that each pair of her shoes was designed and manufactured to a luxurious finish, featuring 100% leather, 100% suede, authentic prints and over 20 unique designs from casual to couture, offering the purchaser nothing less than an emblem of prestige and distinct style.
The full debut collection will be ready for purchase and worldwide shipping mid-2017, just in time for the next summer. Ditirwa says the shoes will be available through different retailers in Botswana and will be revealed soon: “In terms of prices  I am not yet in a position to disclose as I still have additional production costs to consider, but anyone interested can follow R’alocha online platforms to stay updated.”