BOSJE to Mark International Jazz Day with a Special Show

Switzerland’s Lajani Band will join an eclectic lineup of seasoned veterans and emerging jazz musicians, each poised to dazzle the audience. Staff Writer GOSEGO MOTSUMI reports

As the sun sets on 30th April, music lovers around the globe will unite in celebration of International Jazz Day, a momentous occasion dedicated to honouring the rich heritage and universal appeal of jazz music.

In Gaborone at Joy City at Tsholofelo Park, jazz enthusiasts will come together to revel in the soul-stirring melodies, infectious rhythms, and improvisational brilliance that define this beloved genre on International Jazz Day 2024 in an event organised by the Botswana Society for Jazz Education (BOSJE).


“The 30th of April was declared International Jazz Day by UNESCO in 2011 to highlight the diplomatic role of jazz as a music genre that unites people from all corners of the globe,” said the Chairperson of BOSJE, Akhutleleng Kekwaletswe, in an interview.


International peace


“The influence of jazz in promoting peace and intercultural dialogue is also recognised. We have made it our mandate to host these celebrations every year in Botswana since 2017. The event seeks to achieve the diplomatic role of jazz.”

From seasoned veterans to emerging talents, the stage will be graced by an eclectic lineup of musicians, each one poised to dazzle audiences with their virtuosity and creativity.


Kicking off the festivities will be the female young saxophonist, Sebaga Rabantheng, whose soulful melodies and dynamic stage presence have always captivated audiences.


The First Lady of Jazz


Joining Sebaga on stage will be the legendary First Lady of Jazz, Punah Gabasiane, the first-ever all female jazz outfit in Botswana, the Fleek Band, Kingdom Arts Academy Ensemble and Lajani Band from Switzerland, among a host of other jazz artists who will each bring their own unique flair to the proceedings.


Said Kekwaletswe: “This year we are hosting a band from Switzerland that will host workshops, masterclasses and instrumental clinics for musicians in Gaborone and students from secondary schools that offer music.


“We have students coming from as far as Hukuntsi. Our main objective is to enhance jazz education in Botswana. Because we want to promote jazz, the choice of artists on the lineup was influenced by the fact that we wanted artists who play real jazz music.”




She added that as the night unfolds, patrons will be treated to an exhilarating array of performances, including fiery, soulful ballads, and infectious grooves that will have them dancing in their seats.

From the sultry sounds of the saxophone to the hypnotic beats of the drums, the jazz extravaganza promises to be a feast for the senses, leaving attendees spellbound by the sheer virtuosity and passion that will be on display.