• Two bands, one stage and an electrifying performance
  • Duo set to create seamless blends through musical alchemy


Live music enthusiasts are in for a treat when crossover jazz group WDP and contemporary rock music group Plan B unite their musical talents in a spellbinding performance at Botswanacraft Courtyard on 12 August.
The collaboration between WDP and Plan B is expected to bring a refreshing twist to Gaborone’s live music scene, with the fusion of jazz and rock creating an exhilarating and energetic atmosphere.
“The show is inspired by the need for premier live music in Gaborone and in Botswana as a whole,” event organiser and artist, Leroy Nyoni, told Time Out.

Fusion of jazz and rock
“The show forms part of a chain of events starting from March with a WDP solo performance and other events we have staged. We try to engage with audiences and perform live music by real musicians who take time to work on their craft.”
The fusion of jazz and rock genres is designed to create an unforgettable show that will leave the audience in awe.
The event will not only showcase the brilliance of WDP and Plan B but will also celebrate the success of past collaborations with local artists like Obakeng “Obizzy” Kokwe, a producer and lyricist who blends jazz and motswako seamlessly.
Said Nyoni: “The collaboration of the two bands comes about as a result of my involvement in Plan B for whom I used to play drums.

On opposite ends
“It was necessary to have this collaboration with people I was comfortable and familiar with and to allow for the audiences to appreciate two genres that are on opposite ends of the spectrum to show that it is possible to enjoy these genres in isolation and together.”
Audiences can expect to be treated to a unique experience where Plan B will perform international renditions while WDP does local standards. The organiser is confident that the musicianship will be star-quality as they have put together all the elements of a great experience and in a commodious venue that boasts a history of well-organised live music events.

Delightful convergence
In a previous delightful convergence of musical styles held at Mogopong Botswanacraft one Saturday afternoon, WDP’s jazz melodies intertwined harmoniously with the syncopated motswako rhythms of Obizzy, captivating the hearts of all in attendance.
In the words of Tebogo Lebotse-Sebego, who bore witness to the performance: “I loved everything at the WDP and Obizzy live show. It was something I had never experienced before. The intimate setup and impromptu performances from the many artists were heartwarming.”
This sentiment echoes that of many who attended the event as they were enthralled by the seamless harmonisation of genres and the palpable passion emanating from the stage.

P200 per person
It is worth acknowledging Plan B’s previous performance credits, which include their sold-out show last year at Molapo Showcase as part of the All Things Musical Summer Series, as well as their appearances at local beer fests and other private events.
This milestone highlights Plan B’s ability to captivate audiences across various venues and settings.
QR Tickets are available for P200 per person via social media platforms of WDP and Plan B.