New Moon to Debut “To Be You,” a Multimedia Dance Experience

Vibrant production to spotlight the choreographic creativity and talent of New Moon dancers without boundaries


Renowned artist collective, New Moon, recently announced their latest production, “To Be You,” which is a compelling multi-disciplinary dance show premiering from today (9 August) to the 11th at Showcase at Molapo Crossing in Gaborone.
This showpiece is an ambitious fusion of various dance styles featuring Contemporary, Hip Hop, Afro-Fusion, Afrobeats, Traditional, and Ballroom Dance,” New Moon director, producer, and manager Moratiwa Molema said.
“This innovative production aims to spotlight the choreographic creativity and talent of the New Moon dancers without boundaries or limitations.”

Tshutsube and Afro-Cuban Jazz
One of the event’s highlights is the presentation of “Afro Blue,” an enthralling multi-media offering where Tshutsube (Setswana traditional dance) meets Afro-Cuban Jazz, directed by Molema herself.
Andrew Chinganga, a famed saxophone virtuoso, will lead an eight-piece jazz band, accompanying the stunning combination of dance and video art. The imagery for the performance is set to be designed by Molema’s collaborator, local filmmaker and photographer sensation, Isaac Marumo.
Adding to the auditory delight, local songstress Nicole Martinez will bless the microphone during the Afro Blue performance.

All-girl dance crew
“To Be You” also showcases the unique and original choreography by Lorato Kgangyapelo, Ndumiso “Djtha’Dancer” Nyoni, Gofaone Keakantse, Eshley Sammidi, Bianca Setumbeko Mothebe, Batsumi, and Larona Mmusi.
Assisted by costume designer and makeup artist Emmanuel Charlie and fashion designer Kasompe Mfula, the show is set to be a visual feast for attendees.
In addition to the core ensemble, the C.A.L.M. Dance Crew, an acclaimed all-girl dance crew and friends of New Moon, will grace the stage with an exceptional guest performance.

Outstanding journey
The New Moon collective, established in 2013 by director, producer, and manager Molema, has had an outstanding journey of performances across the globe, gracing prestigious events such as the Hugh Masekela Heritage Festival in Johannesburg, the National Arts Festival South Africa, the Story Moja Literature Festival in Nairobi, and Kritiya Poetry Festival in Kerela, India.
Patrons are urged to take advantage of the opportunity to experience a visual spectacle of dance and culture. The shows will commence at 7 pm each evening.